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Lie to Me

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Improver WCS
Karin van der Merwe (SA) - October 2020
Lie To Me - Brooke Benton
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[1-8] Walk, Walk, Anchor Step, Turn, Turn, Sailor Step
1,2,3&4(1)Step fwd on RF, (2) step fwd on LF, (3) squeezing down into the floor, step down on RF behind left, (&)step down on to LF, (4)step down on RF behind LF
5, 6(5) Turn ½ turn L over your left shoulder, step fwd on LF (6) Turn another ½ turn L stepping back on RF
7&8(7) Step LF behind RF, (&) Step RF to R side, (8) Step LF to L side angling body to left diagonal [10:30]

[9-16] Over, Side, Sailor Turn, Knee Pop, Knee Pop, Chasse Left
1, 2(1) Cross RF over LF, (2) Step LF to left side
3&4(3) Cross RF behind Lf (&) Turn ¼ turn R stepping LF to left side, (4) Step RF to right side
5&6&(5) Open both knees travelling slightly left, (&) Close both knees, (6) Open both knees travelling slightly right, (&) Close both knees
7&8(7) Step LF to left side, (&) close RF to LF, (8) Step LF to left side [3:00]

[17-24] Cross Rock & Cross Rock & Step, ½ Turn R, Coaster Step
1, 2&(1) Rock RF across LF, (2) Recover on to LF, (&) Step RF to right side
3, 4&(3) Rock LF across RF, (4) Recover on to RF, (&) Step LF to left side
5, 6(5) Step fwd on RF, (6) Turn ½ turn Right stepping back on the LF
7&8(7) Step back on RF, (&) Close LF next to RF, (8) Step fwd on RF [9:00]

[25-32] L Dorothy, R Dorothy, Cross & Heel & Toe & Heel
1,2&(1) Step fwd on LF, (2) lock RF behind LF, (&) step fwd on LF
3,4&(3) Step fwd on RF, (4) lock LF behind RF, (&) step fwd on RF
5&6&7&8&(5) Cross LF over RF, (&) Step RF to right side, (6) Touch L heel fwd turning body to left diagonal, (&) step down on to LF, (7) touch R toe next to LF, (&) step down on to RF, (8) touch L heel fwd to left diagonal, (&) step down on LF [9:00]

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Karin van der Merwe - Bootscooters S.A. :



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