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Life Expectations (Yat Sang Hor Kau)

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High Intermediate
Adeline Cheng (MY) & Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY) - December 2021
Yat Sang Hor Kau (一生何求) - Danny Chan (陈百強)
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Alternative Music: Remember Everything (惦记这一些) by Dave Wang 王杰
Intro: 2x8, start on the heavy beat just before first vocal (approx.16 secs)
Set 1: Fwd Spiral Full Turn, Run 3x, R Full Pivot, Back 2x Sweep, ½L Sailor Cross Point, NC Basic End Facing
1(1) Step RF fwd and execute a full spiral L turn 12:00
2&3(2) Step LF fwd, (&) Step RF fwd, (3) Step LF fwd and begin ½R pivot 12:00
4&5(4) Complete ½R weight on RF, (&) ½R Step LF back, (5) Step RF back & small sweep LF front to back 12:00
&6&7(&) ½L step LF behind RF, (6) Step RF to R, (&) Cross LF over RF, (7) Point RF to R (turn head to Left) 6:00
Easier Option to replace counts 4-7:
4&5 (4) Complete ½R weight on RF, (&) ¼R Step LF to L, (5) Step RF behind LF 9:00
&6&7 (&) ¼L Stepping fwd on LF, (6) Rock RF fwd, (&) Recover on LF, (7) Point RF to R 6:00
8&1(8) Step RF behind LF, (&) Cross LF over RF, (1) RF take a big step to R 6:00
Set 2: Half Diamond Fallaway, Arms Movement, Lift RF, Back Cross ¼L Side
2&3(2) ⅛L stepping LF back, (&) Step RF back, (3) ⅛L stepping LF to L 3:00
4&5(4) ⅛L stepping RF fwd, (&) Step LF fwd, (5) Lunge RF fwd 1:30
6&7(6) Punch R fist down next to hip, (&) Punch L fist down next to hip, (7) Step LF back lifting RF fwd and throw both arms fwd 1:30
Armless options to replace 5-6&:
(5) Sway upper body fwd, (6) Sway upper body back, (7) Sway upper body fwd
8&1(8) Step RF back, (&) Cross LF over RF, (1) ¼R take a big step to R 4:30
Set 3: ½R Curvy Run, Sync. Rocking Chair, Fwd Shuffle, ⅞R Attitude turn
2&3(2) ⅛R stepping LF fwd, (&) ⅛R stepping RF fwd, (3) ⅛R stepping LF fwd 9:00
4&5&(4) ⅛R rocking RF fwd, (&) Recover on LF, (5) Rock RF back, (&) Recover on LF 10:30
6&7(6) Step RF fwd, (&) Close LF next to LF, (7) Step RF fwd (prep to turn R) 10:30
8(8) ⅞R attitude turn on ball of RF (lifting L backwards with bended at knee - horizontal shin) 9:00
Easier option: Sweep LF instead of the attitude turn
Set 4: Cross, Scissors, Cross Shuffle, ¼R Back Shuffle, ½R fwd, Fwd Mambo, Back Together
1(1) Cross LF over RF 9:00
2&3&4(2) Step RF to R, (&) Close LF next to RF, (3) Cross RF over LF, (&) Step LF to L, (4) Cross RF over LF 9:00
5&6(5) ¼R stepping LF back, (&) Step RF next to LF, (6) Step LF back 12:00
7(7) ½R stepping RF fwd 6:00
8&1(8) Rock LF fwd, (&) Recover on RF, (1) Step LF back 6:00
2&(2) Step RF back, (&) Step LF next to RF 6:00

Begin Again, Enjoy this lovely song!

Tag - Add these 2 steps after Walls 2,5,7,8. Walls 3 & 9 will start facing 12:00 while Walls 6 & 8 will start facing 6:00.
1-2Step RF fwd, Step LF fwd

Restart - On wall 6 (start 6:00), dance until count 17 (facing 10:30). Make a ⅛R turn stepping LF fwd on count 18. Then start Wall 7 facing 12:00.


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