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Life Of The Party
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Maddison Glover (AUS) Jan. 2016
"Think of You" - Chris Young ft. Cassadee Pope
S1: Walk, Walk, Side Rock/ Replace, Cross, ¾ Reverse Turn, ¼ Side Shuffle
1,2&3,4Step R fwd, step L fwd, rock R to R side, replace weight onto L, cross R over L
5,6Turn ¼ R stepping back on L, make ½ R stepping R fwd,
7&8Turn ¼ R stepping L to L, step R beside L, step L to L 12:00

S2: Back Rock/Replace, Diagonal Walk, Walk, Cross Samba (Square Up), Cross, Side
1,2Rock back on R (angle shoulders to R diagonal), replace weight fwd onto L,
3,4Turn 1/8 R step R fwd, step L fwd 1:30
5&6,7,8Turn 1/8 R crossing R over L, step L to L, replace weight onto R, cross L over R, step R to R 3:00

S3: Back Rock/ Replace, ¼ Fwd, Hold, Together, Fwd, ¼ Side, 1/8 Turning Coaster
1,2,3,4Rock back onto L, replace weight fwd onto R, turn ¼ L stepping fwd onto L, hold 12:00
&5,6Bring R together, step L fwd, turn ¼ L stepping R to R 9:00
7&8Turning 1/8 L (sweep left around anti-clockwise) stepping back onto L, step R together, step L fwd 7:30

S4: Walk, Walk, ¼ Back Lock Shuffle, Full Turn Travelling Back, 1/8 Turning Coaster-Cross
1,2Still on diagonal – Step R fwd, Step L fwd 7:30
3&4Gradually (not sharp) begin turning ¼ L (4:30) step R back, lock/ cross L over R, step back on R
5,6Make ½ turn L stepping L fwd (10:30), make ½ L stepping back on R 4:30
7&8Turning 1/8 L – Step Back on L, step R beside L, cross L over R 3:00

S5: Side, Touch Together, Kick-Ball Cross, Roll Knee In, Roll Knee Out Turning ¼ L, Lock Shuffle Fwd
1,2,3&4Step R to R side, touch L beside R, kick L fwd into L diagonal, step L together, Cross R over L
5Touch L toe slightly L and fan L heel outward whilst dipping L knee down and towards R (5)
6Twist ¼ L popping L knee fwd (L heel raised above floor with weight back on R) (6) 12:00
7&8Step L fwd, lock R behind L, step fwd on L
Restart: During the 3rd sequence, begin facing 6:00. Restart after count 40 facing 6:00.

S6: Rock Fwd/ Replace, Lock Shuffle Back, ¾ Back, Lock Shuffle Back
1,2,3&4Rock R fwd, rock back onto L, step R back, lock/cross L over R, step back on R
5,6Make ½ turn L stepping fwd on L, turn ¼ L stepping R to R, 3:00
7&8Step back on L, cross/ lock R over L, step back on L

S7: Back Rock/Replace, Large Step Fwd, Hold, Together, Fwd, Step ¼ Pivot, Cross
1,2,3,4Rock back on R, replace fwd onto L, large step fwd on R, hold
&5,6,7,8Bring L together, step R fwd, step L fwd, pivot ¼ R, cross L over R 6:00

S8: 2x Coaster Cross travelling back on diagonals, Back, ½ Fwd, Step ½ Pivot
1&2Step R back on R diagonal, step L together, cross R over L (turn shoulders to L diagonal)
3&4Step L back on L diagonal, step R together, cross L over R (turn shoulders to R diagonal)
5,6,7,8Step back on R, make ½ turn L stepping fwd on L 12:00 , step R fwd, pivot ½ L 6:00

Tag: Once you have completed the first wall, you will end up facing 6:00. Add the following four counts
to end up facing 12:00 and start again.
1&2Kick R fwd, step R beside L, point L to L side (click/snap both hands out at hip level)
3&4(1/2 turn sailor left) Cross L behind R (begin turning ¼ L) Step R beside L (3:00), turn ¼ L stepping L fwd.

Choreographers note: I am aware that there could be two additional Restarts however, not including them does not interfere with the rhythm/timing of the dance.

Contact: +61430346939 - madpuggy@hotmail.com - http://www.linedancewithillawarra.com/maddison-glover

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