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Lifelong Love
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Improver - Rolling 8
Donna Manning – March 2018
Perfect by Ed Sheeran
**2 walls that will change walls after the Restart on wall 4 after 8&a counts.

Starts front to back - will switch and stay on the side walls through the rest of the dance.
(Don’t hate….This makes me just float)

Sec. 1 (1-8&a) Walk w/ Sweep 2X, Step – Drag, Step, ½ Turn, ¼ Turn - Sways RLR, Behind, Side, Press
1,2,3Step R fwrd sweep L back to front, Step L fwrd sweep R back to front, step R fwrd drag L thru center
4&a, 5,6,7Step L fwrd, step R , ½ turn L, ¼ L stepping R to R side into a sway R, sway L, sway R fully weighted R
8 &aL behind R, R to R side, press L across bending R knee (3:00)
*** Restart happens here on wall 4 (you’ll be facing 9:00 when it happens so it will change walls here)
Step L FRWD on the “8a” count then RESTART stepping R fwrd facing 9:00

Sec. 2 (8-16&a) Back w/ Sweep 3X, Sailor Step, Rock, Replace, Step Side, 1/8 Turn L Coaster
1,2,3Step R back sweep L front to back, step L back sweep R front to back, step R back sweep L front to back
4&a,L behind R, R to R side, L to L side(angle body to R - open R hip to facilitate R back rock next)
5,6,7Rock R back, recover to L, step R to R side (open L hip to help next coaster)
8&a1/8 (1:30) turn L coaster – step L back, bring R to L, step L fwrd (1:30)

Sec. 3 (17-24&a) ½ Turn L, Walk Back- Drag 2X, Coaster, Walk Fwrd – Drag 3X, Cross Rock, Recover, Side
1-2,3Step R fwrd as you make ½ turn L on the ball of the R, step L back drag R, step R back drag L (7:30)
4 &aStep L back, bring R to L, step L frwd
5,6,7Step R fwrd slide L to R, step L fwrd slide R to L, step R fwrd
8 & aCross rock L over R, recover to R, step L to L side (6:00)

Sec. 4 (25-32&a) Cross Rock, Replace, Side, Crossing Triple, Side Step, Back Rock, Replace, Weave
1,2,3Cross Rock R over L, replace to L, step R to R side (open R hip)
4 &a, 5,6,7Cross L over R, R to R side, cross L over R, step R to R side (open L hip), back rock on L, replace to R
8 & aL to L side, R behind L, L to L side (6:00) SMILE – you made it!!!

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use on your website please make sure it is in its original format and include all contact details on this script.
Video rights assigned to choreographer. dancinfreedonna@gmail.com
All rights reserved.

Contact: www.dancinfree.com

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