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Lightning and The Thunder
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Phrased Intermediate
Olivia Leigh Wagner / November 2017 / USA
"Thunder" – Imagine Dragons – Approx 3:08 mins
Notes: No Intro, Dance begins immediately in Knee Press Position
Sequence: A, B, C, A, B, C *x 4, B x 4, Ending

“Second Place at Florida Line Dance Classic 2017 Amateur Choreography”

Part A – 32 counts
A[1-8] Knee Press w/ knee twist, shoulder pops, Rocks forward, back, right side, knee lunge right w/ heel pop
1&2Press ball of R to R w/ R Knee turned out (1), Turn R knee in (&), Turn R knee out (2)
&3&4Lift R Knee up (&), Step R next to L (3) Lift L up, step back down next to right (&), drop R shoulder (4),
&drop L shoulder (&)
5&6&7&Rock R forward (5), Recover L(&), rock R back (6), Recover L (&), Touch R to R side (7), Flick back R (&),
8&Press on R ball (8), pop R heel down (&)

A[9-16] Hip Shifts, Rock Cross, Pivot ½ Turns L
1,2&3,4Shift weight to L hip (1), Shift weight to R hip (2), Step L on ball (&), Cross R over L (3), Step L out to L side (4)
5,6,7,8R forward (5), Pivot ½ L (6), R forward (7), Pivot ½ L (8) 12:00

A[17-24] Night Club 2 Step R, Repeat L, 4 Walks with R arm lead in a circle
1,2&3,4Step R to R Side (1), Rock L Behind R (2), step R in Place (&), Step L to L Side (3), Rock R behind L (4),
&5,6,7,8Step L in Place (&) Walk R Turning ¼ R (5), Walk L Turning ¼ R (6), Walk R Turning ¼ R (7), step L Forward (8),
&Step R next to L (&) 12:00

A[25-32] L Shoulder Rock Forward, R Shoulder Rock Forward, ½ Turn L, 360 Triple Turn
1,2&Rock L forward with L shoulder Dip (1), Step R down in place (2), Step L down next to R (&),
3,4&5,6Rock R Forward (3), Step L down in place (4) Step R back (&), Step L ½ turn L (5), Walk forward R (6),
7&8Step L Back ½ turn R (7), Step R Forward ½ turn R (&) Step L Forward (8) 6:00

Part B – 32 Counts
B[1-8] Skaters R and L with Shuffles
1&2&Skate R to R Diagonal (1), Touch L next to R (&), Skate L to L Diagonal (2), Touch R next to L (&),
3&4Step R Forward Diagonally (3), Step L next to R (&), Step R Forward Diagonally (4)
5&6&Skate L to L Diagonal (5), Touch R next to L (&), Skate R to R Diagonal (6), Touch L next to R (&),
7&8Step L Forward Diagonally (7), Step R next to L (&), Step L Forward Diagonally (8)

B[9-16] Heel Jacks, Pivot ½, Knee Pops
1&2&3Step R over L (1), Step L back (&), Place R Heel out front R Side (2), Step down R next to L (&), Cross L over R (3),
&4&5,6Step R back (&), Place L Heel out front L Side (4) Step L next to R (&), Place R forward (5), Pivot ½ L (6),
7,8Step R forward popping L Knee at same time (7), Step L Forward Popping R Knee at same time (8) 12:00

B[17-32] REPEAT COUNTS 1- 16 6:00

Part C – 8 Counts
C[1-8] Pivot ½ L with Hands, Hip Bumps, Hip Walks
1,2,Step R forward-Both hands go up to R Diagonal (1), Pivot ½ L-Both hands come down to L Diagonal (2),
3,4,5,6Touch R toe to front R Diagonal (3), Step R down (4) Touch L toe to front L Diagonal (5), Step L down (6),
7,8Step Forward R with Hip (7), Step Forward L with Hip (8) 12:00

Part C *- Same as C above, but counts 1 -2 make a ¼ turn L. Repeat this 4 x, creating a box.

Ending – 10 Counts
1-8Do First 8 counts of Part B
9-10Half Turn L to Face Front, Hands Lifted, Cross R over L (9), Turn ½ L, Lifting hands from sides (10) 12:00

Contact: Lisawagner@comcast.net

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