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Like a Cowboy

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High Intermediate
Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - April 2017
Like a Cowboy - Randy Houser : (Album: How Country Feels)
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Intro – 16 counts or 14 seconds from start of track

[1-8] Step hitch, sweep, back rock, run x3, full turn L, basic
1,2,3Step L forward hitching R knee, step RF back sweeping LF from front to back, rock LF back diagonal as you kick RF forward (face 10.30)
4&5Step RF forward, step LF forward, Press RF forward (10.30)
6&73/8 turn L stepping LF forward (6.00) ½ turn L stepping RF back, ¼ L stepping L to L side (9.00)
8&Close RF behind L, cross LF over R

[9-16] Sway x3, weave, sweep, ½ turn weave, cross, side
1,2,3Step R to R side sway R, sway L, sway R,
4&5Step LF behind R, step R to R side, cross LF over R sweeping RF from back to front
6&7Cross RF over L, ¼ turn R stepping LF back, ¼ turn R stepping R to R side (3.00)
8&Cross LF over R, step R to R side
(On the 3 sways during the chorus of the song, use Right arm to make a slow rodeo lasso, lyrics say ‘like a cowboy’)

[17-24] Walk back x3, run forward x2, touch x2, kick, chase turn L
1,2,3Step LF back diagonal (7.30), step RF back, step LF back (facing 1.30)
(Option: on second walk back drop head to floor, keep looking down on count 3, lift on next count)
4&5Step RF forward, step LF forward, touch RF forward (1.30)
&6,7Touch RF to R side, kick RF forward to 12 o’clock, step RF forward squaring up to 12 o’clock. Option: knee swing - bend knee slightly and twist knee in, out then kick, the RF should be off the floor.
&8&Step LF forward, step forward R, pivot ½ turn L placing weight on LF
(Restart here on wall 3 hold weight on RF after the pivot ½ turn, 12.00, important to complete the ½ turn before restarting dance.)

[25- 32] Basic, weave L, cross rock recover, rock forward recover, ½ turn L, step forward
1,2&¼ turn L stepping R to R side, close LF behind R, cross RF over L (3.00)
3,4&Step L to L side, step RF behind L, step L to L side,
5,6&Cross RF over L, recover weight onto LF, step R to R side
7&Rock LF forward, recover weight onto RF
8&½ turn L stepping LF forward, step RF forward (9.00)

TAG (Happens twice facing 3.00. End of wall 1 and 4)
Walk x3, rock & cross, ½ turn R, run x2
1,2,3Make ½ turn L walking L,R,L (curve walk)
4&5Rock RF to R side, recover, cross RF over L,
6,7Step L to L side, ½ turn R stepping R forward
8&Run forward L,R (option: full turn R)

Ending: The dance ends when you do the 3 walks back on the diagonal, finish the dance with head down looking at the floor.



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