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Like A Phoenix
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Intermediate / Advanced
Rhoda Lai (Canada) March 2015
Phoenix by Molly Sandén (3:20) iTunes
Intro: 16 counts - Note: 1 Restart in Wall 3

S1: Press L/recover sweep, Anchor Step, ¼ R/point L, ¼ L, ½ L ½ L, R Forward Rock/recover
1 2Press forward L, recover onto R while sweeping L from front to back
3&4Step on the ball of L behind R, recover onto R, Step down L
&5¼ R step R to R side, point L to L side (3:00)
6¼ L step down L (12:00)
7&8&½ L stepping R back, ½ L stepping L forward, rock forward R, recover onto L

S2: Back R/ together L, Heel turn ½ L, Tippy-toes, Fwd R, L Mambo, R Coaster, Fwd Lock Shuffle, Sweep
1 2Step back R, step L beside R
&With weight on heels of both R & L, make ½ L by raising the balls of both feet (6:00)
34Lift on the ball of both feet with ending weight on L (like tippy-toes), step forward R
5&6Rock L forward, recover onto R, step back L
7&8Step back R, step L beside R, step forward R (beginning of forward lock shuffle)
&1Lock L behind R, step forward R while sweeping L from back to front

S3: Turning Weave, R Cross rock, Side rock, Behind - ¼ L- Forward
2&3Cross L over R, ⅛ L stepping back R, step back L
&4Step back R, ⅛ L stepping forward L (3:00)
5&6&Cross R over L, recover onto L, rock R to the side, recover onto L
7&8Step R behind L, ¼ L stepping L forward, step forward R (12:00)

S4: (Step Forward L Pivot ½ R) X 3, Forward L, (Turning Step Touch) x 3, ⅛ L, Together
1&2&Step forward L, pivot ½ R, step forward L, pivot ½ R, (Easy option: L rocking chair)
3&4Step forward L, pivot ½ R, step forward L (6:00)
5&⅛ L stepping R to the side (4:00), touch L beside R
6&¼ L stepping L to the side (1:00), touch R beside L,
7&¼ L stepping R to the side (11:00), touch L beside R
8&⅛ L stepping L to the side, step R beside L (9:00)
***Restart here during 3rd Wall, see below

S5: ¼ L Lock Shuffle, ½ R Lock Shuffle, ½ L, Step Pivot ½ L, Cross-side-heel-together
1&2¼ L stepping forward L, step R behind L, step forward L (6:00)
3&4½ R stepping forward R, step L behind R, step forward R (12:00)
5&6½ L stepping forward L, step R forward, pivot ½ L
7&8&Cross R over L, step L to L, tap R heel to R diagonal, step R in place

S6: Cross L, Big Step R, Drag L, Sway LR, ¼ L, Step Pivot ½ L, Spiral full turn L, Run L R
1&2Cross L over R, take a big step to the R, drag L heel towards R
3&4Sway upper body to L, R, ¼ L stepping forward L (9:00)
5 6Step forward R, pivot ½ L (3:00)
78&Step R forward while making a spiral full turn L, step forward L, R

***Restart: on Wall 3, restart the dance after S4 facing 3:00

Special thanks to Fake In Line for giving me the opportunity to teach in my first European dance workshop in Sweden.

Contact: rhoda_eddie@yahoo.ca - 1(647) 295-3833 - www.laidance.net

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