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Like A Wildfire

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Low Intermediate
Carl Sullivan (AUS) - July 2014
Wildfire - Rascal Flatts : (Album: Rewind - 3:42)
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Intro - 16 counts

1&2&Step R fwd, Touch L toe just behind R heel, Step L back, Low kick R fwd
3&4&Step R back, Step L beside R, Cross-Step R over L, Hold
5&6&Step L to L, Touch R beside L, Step R to R, Low kick L to L
7&8&Step L behind R, Step R to R, Cross-step L over R, Hold

1&Rock-step R to R, Replace on L
2&Step R behind L hitching L knee slightly, Small step L to L
3&4Step R behind L & slightly back, Step L close to R, Step R diagonally fwd R
(3&4 is a sailor step)
5&Step L behind R hitching R knee slightly, Small step R to R
6&Step L behind R hitching R knee slightly, Small step R to R
7&8Step L behind R & slightly back, Step R close to L, Step L diagonally fwd L
(7&8 is a sailor step)

1&2&3Step R behind L, Step L to L, Cross-shuffle R-L-R to L side
&4&5Swivel ½ turn L, Cross-shuffle L-R-L to R side 6:00
6Step R to R sweeping L around making ¼ L,
7&8L back Coaster step (L, R, L) 3:00

1&2Turn ¼ L & Step R to R, Step L behind R, Turn ¼ R & Step R fwd
3&4Turn ¼ R & Step L to L, Step R behind L, Turn ¼ L & Step L fwd…*
*Restart on 5
5&6Step R fwd, Pivot ½ turn L onto L, Step R fwd 9:00
7&8&Step L fwd, Clap, Step R fwd, Clap

1&2&Rock-step L fwd, Replace on R, Rock-step L to L, Replace on R
3&4Step L behind R, Step R to R, Step L fwd
5&6&Rock-step R fwd, Replace on L, Rock-step R to R, Replace on L
7&8Cross-step R behind L, Turn ¼ L & Step L fwd, Step R fwd 6:00

1&2&Big Step L to L, Hold, Rock-step R behind L, Replace on L
3&4&Big Step R to R, Hold, Step L behind R, ¼ turn R & Step R fwd 9:00
5-6Step L fwd, Pivot ½ turn R onto R 3:00
7&8Shuffle fwd L-R-L

* Restart: On the 5th Wall (12:00), restart after 28 counts 9 (facing 3:00)

Other dances by Carl: Heat Wave, Burn It Baby, Good Luck Charm

Northside Linedancers -
Phone: 9489 2367 - Mob: 0424 536 907 - E mail:

Last Update – 1st Oct 2014


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