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Like I Love Country Music

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Karen McMillan Clark (USA) - May 2022
Like I Love Country Music - Kane Brown
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Tag After Wall 5 - No Restarts
Start with Weight on L

S1 (1-8) Right Side Mambo, Cross Hold; Left Side Mambo, Cross, Hold
1-2Right Side Mambo (R Step to R side putting weight on R, Recover L in place putting weight on L
3-4Cross R over L, Hold 1 count
5-6Left Side Mambo (L Step to L side putting weight on L, Recover R in place putting weight on R)
7-8Cross L over R, Hold 1 count

S2 (9-16) R Jazz Square ¼ Turn, R Lindy, Rock-Recover
1-4Right Jazz Square ¼ Turn to R (Step Forward R, Step Back L, Turning ¼ to R while Stepping forward R, Step L beside R
5 & 6Right Lindy; side shuffle RLR moving rightward
7-8Rock-Recover; Rock back L, Step Forward R

S3 (17-24) L Lindy, Rock-Recover, R ½ Pivot (x2)
1 & 2Left Lindy; side shuffle LRL moving leftward
3-4Rock-Recover; Rock back R, Step Forward L
5-6Right Pivot ½; Step forward R, pivot ½ turning L
7-8Right Pivot ½; Step forward R, pivot ½ turning L

S4 (25-32) Shuffle forward, Rock-Recover, Shuffle Back Turn ½, Pivot Turn ½
1&2Forward Shuffle RLR
3-4Forward Rock-Recover; Step Forward L, Recover back R
5&6Shuffle Back LRL Turning L ½
7-8Right Pivot ½; Step forward R, Pivot ½ turning L

S5 (33-40) Monterey Turn ¼, Right Jazz Square
1-4Monterey Turn; (1,2) Point Right foot to R, ¼ Turn to R, Step R. (3,4) Point Left foot to L, Step L beside R
5-8Jazz Square; Cross Right over L, Step L back, Step R to the Right, Step L beside R

S6 (41-48) R Giant Slide Step, Rock-Recover, L Giant Slide Step, Rock-Recover
1-2Giant Slide Step to R with R, while dragging L rightward
3-5Rock Recover LR; Step L back at a diagonal rightward, Step R Forward
5-6Giant Slide Step to L with L, while dragging R leftward
7-8Rock Recover; Step R back at a diagonal leftward, Step L Forward

Tag after Wall 5 - Hip Bumps RLRL
1-4Step R beside L, bump hips RLRL

Choreographer’s Note: When the music sounds like it is ending, keep dancing. The song isn’t really stopping. It will continue for almost a minute more!

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YouTube: Retirees atPlay


lscott May 12, 2022
Great dance! Will add to my teach here in NW Indiana Linda

K.C. May 12, 2022
Linda, You’ve made my day! Thanks for your comment! I’d love to see a short video of your class dancing it some day!
I really appreciate your positive feedback!
Thanks again,

K.C. May 18, 2022
OMG! Dancing this Like I Love Country Music line dance to the song “Just a Gigolo” by Louis Prima is so fun! Watch the demo and see for yourself.

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