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Like Pebbles On A Beach

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Georgie Mygrant (USA) - January 2022
Broken Stones - Paul Weller
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Intro: 32 counts No Tags

Cross Point R/L, Pivot ½ to L
1-4Step R fwd. point L to L side, Step L fwd. point R to R side
5-8Step R fwd. turning ¼ L on L, step R fwd. turning ¼ L on L

Weave L, Then R
1-4Step R over L, step L, R behind L, touch L
5-8Step L over R, step R, L behind R, touch R

Scissor R, Jazz Box turning ¼ L
1-4Step R to side, step on L, cross R over L and hold
5-8Swing L over R, step back on R turning ¼ L, step on R, then L

Step Kick R/L
1-8Step R fwd. Kick L fwd. step on L, step on R, Step L fwd. Kick R fwd. step on R, step on L

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mygeo January 11, 2022
Another good song that goes with this routine is, "Someone waits for you by Cary Simon! Try it! (thanks to Lynn Morandi)

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