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Linda Eh (Merengue)

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High Beginner
Ira Weisburd (USA) - December 2009
Linda Eh - Grupo Mania
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Part I. A. Merengue Pattern
1-2 Step R to R, Step-close L to R
3-4 Step R to R, Step-close L to R
5-8 Repeat Part I. (1-4)

Part I. B. Weaving Pattern
9 -10 Step w/ R across L, Step L to L
11-12 Step w/R behind L, Step L to L
13-16 Repeat 9-12.

Part II. Bachata Pattern
1-4 Walk forward R, L, R, Kick L forward
5-6 Walk back (L, R)
7&8 Triple Step in place (L,R,L)
9-16 Repeat Part II. (1-8).

Part III. Samba Pattern
1&2 Samba w/R (R,L,R)
3&4 Samba w/L (L,R,L)
5&6 Samba w/R (R,L,R)
&7 Rock Step back on L, Rock Step forward on R
&8 Rock Step back on L, Rock Step forward on R.
9-16 Repeat Part III. 1-8 with L foot.

Part IV. Lambada & Cha Cha Pattern
1&2 Balance to R (R,L,R)
3&4 Balance to L (L,R,L)
5-8 Repeat Part IV. (1-4)
9-10 ¼ turn to R in 2 steps (R,L)
11&12 ¼ turn to R in 3 steps (cha cha cha) ie. R,L,R
13 – 16 Repeat Part IV. (9-12) with L to face front wall.


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Danceteacher54 July 18, 2012
Tried this one a while since. Its quite a good one for learning the basics of latin style dancing, cha cha & samba to be exact, but thats all. Its nothing to watch. Sorry Ira.

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