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Little Boots

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Glynn "Applejack" Rodgers (UK) - Feburary 2018
Boots – Kesha (Get the non-explicit version of the song)
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Phrasing: No Tags Or Restarts.
Note: This is meant as a floor split for “Boots” by Maddison Glover. It’s perfect for those dancers on the verge between absolute beginner & beginner levels.

[1-8] Rodeo Kicks Right & Left with Coaster Steps.
1-2Kick right foot forward, kick right foot to right side.
3&4Step back right, close left to right, step forward right.
5-6Kick left foot forward, kick left foot to left side.
7&8Step back left, close right to left, step forward left.
Note The rodeo kicks should have a bit of bounce to them

[9-16] Stomp, Hold, ¼ Pivot Turn, Hold, Jazz Box Left.
1-2Stomp slightly forward right, hold.
3-4Pivot ¼ turn left, hold. (or slowly pivot ¼ over 2 counts)
5-6Cross right over left, step back left.
7-8Step right to right side, close left to right (or cross left slightly over right)

[17-24] Step Side Right, Long Drag, Rolling Vine Left.
1-4Take large step to right side with right foot, drag left towards right over 2 count, touch left beside right.
5-6Turn ¼ left stepping forward left, turn ½ left stepping back right.
7-8Turn ¼ left stepping left to left side, touch right beside left.
Option Replace rolling vine with grapevine or basic left.

[25-32] Side, Touch x2, Walk ¾ Turn.
1-2Step right to right side, touch left beside right & clap.
3-4Step left to left side, touch right beside left & clap.
5-8Walk right-left-right-left making ¾ turn over right shoulder.



Pismo February 15, 2018
Excellent job of a floor split, fitting the lyrics well. This is going on my teach list TODAY!

Applejack February 15, 2018
Thank you Pismo that is excellent news :-)

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