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Little Gucci

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Phrased Easy Intermediate
Kerri Lessard - February 2011
Miss Kiss Kiss Bang (Radio Version) - Alex Swings Oscar Sings! : (3:00)
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Sequence: A-, tag-1, A, A-, restart A, tag-2, A, A- A,
Music: “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang”(radio version) by Alex Swings Oscar Sings (3 min)

Part “A”
[1-8] Touch-step, touch-step, ¼ turn, ½ turn, hold
1-2Touch L toe across & in front of R. Step L to L side
3-4Touch R toe across & in front of L. Step R to R side
5-6Step ¼ turn R with L foot. Pivot ½ turn R
7-8Step L to L side (¼ turn R). Hold-8

[9-16] Touch-step, touch-step, ¼ turn, ½ turn, hold
1-2Touch R toe across & in front of L. Step R to R side
3-4Touch L toe across & in front of R. Step L to L side
5-6Step ¼ turn L with R foot. Pivot ½ turn L
7-8Step R to R side (¼ turn L). Hold-8

[17-24] Jazz-box ¼ turn L, point L-step fwd, point R-step fwd
1-2Cross L over R, step back on R (¼ turn L)
3-4Step L to L side, step R fwd
5-8(5)point L to L side (6)step fwd on L (7)point R to R side (8)step fwd on R

[25-32] (Repeat steps 17-24)

[33-40] Rock L, recover R, Vine to the L (6:00 wall)
1-4(1)Rock L (2)Recover R (3)Step L back (4)Cross R over L
5-7(5)Step L to L side (6)Step R behind L (7)Step L to L side
8Touch R toe across & in front of L

[41-48] Point, cross, ½ turn, cross. Step together, step, touch
1-4(1)point R toe to R side (2)cross R over L (3)unwind ½ turn L (4)cross R over L
5-8(5)step L to L side (6)step R next to L (7)step L to L side (8)touch R to L (shrug shoulders up/down during steps 5-8 (when he sings burn, burn, burn)

[49-56] Vine R, ½ Monterey
1-4(1)step R to R side (2)cross L behind R (3)step R to R side (4)cross L over R
5-6(5)point R to R side (6)make a R ½ turn on ball of L foot bringing feet together
7-8(7)point L to L side (8)step L next to R

[57-64] (Repeat steps 49-56) except for ct 8. Make ct 8 a “hold” with L pointing to L side

Part (A -) Is first 32 counts of Part “A”

Tag # 1
[1-16] Charleston with turn (16 cts) (starts at 6:00 wall)
1-2Step R, hold. (step 32 is a step fwd on the R. Replace this step with a hold so the 1st step of the Charleston can be done on the R foot)
3-8(3-4) point L toe fwd, hold. (5-6) step L back, hold. (7-8) point R toe back, hold.

1-4(1-2)step R fwd, hold. (3-4)point L toe fwd, hold.
5-6(5)step L back. (6)pivot ½ turn R
7-8(7)step L to L side (8)step R to R side

Tag # 2 (16 counts) (starts at 6:00 wall)
1-2Cross L toe over R - Put L heel down.
3-4Touch R toe to R side – Put R heel down
5-6Cross L tow over R – Put L heel down
7-8Touch R toe over L – Hold
(swing arms from side to side while snapping fingers during these counts)

& 1Step R to R side & pivot ½ turn right to face 12:00 wall. At the same time hitch L knee (& lift shoulders with elbows back)
3-4-5Cross L over R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R
6-7Unwind full turn
8Point L to L side (with R knee slightly bent & hands fanned out to sides)

Ending Part (A-)
Dance part A- as usual. Immediately after count 32 step on R and quickly pivot ½ turn to the left with weight ending on R foot. (then blow a kiss if you like)

Styling Note:
After restarting part A on the 6:00 wall (when he sings he-de-hi-hey), replace counts 45-48 with a left grapevine with shoulder shimmies, instead of step, together, step with shoulder shrugs. The reason for this is the change in lyrics.
During this time you will hear (do the skiddly buffely boodely bump) instead of
(ooh baby just burn, burn, burn)


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