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Little Sisters

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Novice / Beginner
Claire Denney (CAN) - January 2014
Sisters - Anastasia Barzee & Meredith Patterson
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Music Update: Boogie Shoes by K.C. & The Sunshine Band
A good disco dance….works great as a circle dance

**Thanks to Joe & Cindy Archer for the music selection. My favourite now.

Try a facing Contra....

Fwd Walk, Walk, Walk, Kick, Back Walk, Walk, Walk, Touch
1 - 4Walk forward: right, left, right, Left kick forward
5 - 8Walk back: left, right, left, Right touch beside left

Side, Together, Side, Touch, Side, Together, Side, Touch
(use up down motion for attitude by leading with knees)
1 - 4Step right, Step left beside right, Step right, Left touch beside right
5 - 8Step left, Step right beside left, Step left, Right touch beside left

Walk 1/2 Turn Right, Touch, Walk 1/2 Turn Left, Step Together
1 - 4Walk 1/2 right turn = right, left, right, Left touch bedside right (6:00)
5 - 8Walk 1/2 left turn = left, right, left, Right step beside left (12:00)

Clap, Clap, Slap, Slap, Finger Points(shakes) Right Hand, Left Hand
1 - 2Clap, Clap
3 - 4Slap thighs, Slap thighs
5 - 6Shake right index finger twice shoulder high
7 - 8Shake left index finger twice shoulder high

A Simple Fun Dance - With Attitude Please.

Last Update - 27 Feb. 2020


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