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Livin' On Love (P)

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Intermediate - Partnerdance
Conny Gasberg (DK) - April 2013
Livin' On Love - Alan Jackson : (CD: Greatest hits)
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Sweet Heart position
Intro: 4x8 counts

Sektion 1: Point, Point, Flick, Step, x2
1 - 2Point right toe forward, Point right toe to right side,
3 - 4Flick right behind left, Step right forward,
5 - 6Point left toe forward, Point left toe to left side
7 - 8Flick left behind right, Step left forward

Sektion 2: Step, Kick, Step, Kick, Right shuffle, Left shuffle
1 - 2Step right forward, Kick left diagonal in front of right
3 - 4Step left forward, Kick right diagonal in front of left
5 & 6Shuffle R,L,R
7 & 8Shuffle L,R,L

Sektion 3: Step turn, shuffle, rock step, shuffle ½ turn
1 - 2Step right forward, Turn ½ left, (lift right and release left hand)
3 & 4Shuffle R,L,R,
5 - 6Rock left forward, Recover on right, (lift left and release right hand)
7 & 8Shuffle ½ turn left L,R,L,

Sektion 4: Man: 2 x shuffle – Lady: 2 x shuffle ½ turn – Cross point x2
1 & 2Man: Shuffle R,L,R, – Lady: Shuffle ½ turn left, (lift right and release left hand)
3 & 4Man: Shuffle L,R,L, – Lady: Shuffle ½ turn left,
5 - 6Cross right over left, Point left to left side, (Sweet Heart position)
7 - 8Cross left over right, Point right to right side.



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