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Living Well

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Gunawati Tiotama (GT) – Areba Dance Group, March 2020
Live Well – Amy Sand
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Notes: This dance is dedicated to my mentor, my teacher, Tjhioe Fong laoshi. God bless you.

Intro: 32 counts

Section 1: Back, Sailor, Spiral Pivot Turn, Back Lock Step, ½ L Side
1Step L back
2&3Cross R behind L, Step L to L, Step R to R
4 5Cross L over R, R Full turn and Step R forward
6&7Step L back, Lock R over L, Step L Back
8¼ L Step R to R (9.00)

Section 2: NC Basic, ½ L Turn, Jump & Flick, Hold, Back, Side Rock, ¼ L Ronde
1 2&Big Step L to L, Cross R behind L, Cross L over R
3 4 5½ L Step R behind, Jump L forward while flicking R, hold (3.00)
(Raise R hand up on count 4 and down on count 5)
6&7Step R down, Step L to L, Recover
8¼ L Sweep L front to back (12.00)

Section 3: Back, Run 3x, Hold 2x, Sway 3x, Back
1Step L back
2&3Run forward R, L, R
(on count 3, lock & bent both knees, weight on R)
4 5Hold 2 counts
(while both hands reach out on count 4 and down on count 5)
6&7Step L to L and Sway L, R, L
8Step R back

Section 4: Back, ½ R Forward Lock Step, 1/8 L Point, ¼ R Flick, Diagonal Rock, Back, 1/8 R Side
1Step L behind
2&3½ R Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward (6.00)
41/8 L Point L forward while bending R knee (4.30)
5¼ R Flick L while straightening R knee (7.30)
6&7Rock L forward, Recover, Step L back
81/8 R Step R to R (9.00)

Tag: Pivot Turn 2x
1 2Step L forward, ½ R Step R forward
3 4Step L forward, ½ R Step R forward
(after Wall 2 and Wall 6)

Wall 4 after 16 counts.
Wall 8 after 20 counts.

*Dance with your soul and let it speak for itself*

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Updated: 28th Mar 2020

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