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Kristiani Pangau (INA) - July 2020
Hwa Sa - LMM
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Intro 16 counts. – 2x Change step and Restarts. No Tag.

Sec1: Cross hitch, cross, side, behind, flying hands, side kick, touch, ½ turn sweep, cross, recover
1Cross L over R while hitching R knee
2&3Cross R over L, step L to L side, touch R behind L (bending knees a little bit preparing body to raise)
4&5Raising body and hands as if you trying to fly , put down both hands, kick R knee to R side (raising as high as you can).
67Touch R beside L, ½ turn R step R to R while sweeping L back to front
8&Cross L over R, recover on R

Sec2: Side, sway, sway, ¼ turn hitch, kick fwd, cross, ¾ unwind, ½ reversed unwind, back, together
12&Step L to L side, sway R, sway L
345¼ turn R hitching L transfer weight to R, kick L fwd, cross L over R
67¾ unwind turn R (facing 6.00), ½ reversed unwind turn L
8&Step R back, step L together
*** (Change step and restart happens here on Wall 4 (facing 09.00) and wall 6 (facing 12.00).
Dance up to 16 counts change the last count with touch> Touch L beside R and then Restart.

Sec3: Side, back, recover, side, back, recover, swing knee, step lift, cross
12&Step R to R side, step L behind R, recover on R
34&Step L to L side, step R behing L, recover on L
56&Swing R knee to L, R, L (swing knee in figure eight form)
78Step R fwd while lifting L, cross L over R

Sec4: ½ turn flick, cross, side, kick, side, cross, ¼ turn, side, touch, fwd, full turn
12&½ turn L step L fwd flicking R, cross R over L, step L to L side
34&Kick R diagonal fwd, step R to R side, cross L over R
567¼ turn L step R back kicking L fwd, step L to L side, touch R beside L
&8&Step R fwd, ½ turn R step L back, ½ turn R step R fwd

Dance with your soul...



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