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Lone Digger

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Lynn Sawyer – June 2016
Lone Digger, by Caravan Palace
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Begin on vocals;

Steps [1-8] charleston steps x2, lockstep forward , step turn step ½ turn right
1-2weight on left point right toe forward, sweeping foot outwards, step back onto right foot again sweeping foot outwards
3-4point left toe back, sweeping foot outwards, step forwards onto left again sweeping foot outwards
5&6step forwards onto right foot, lock left foot behind right, step forward onto right
7&8step forward onto left, pivot half turn right replacing weight onto right foot, step forward left

Steps [9-16] ¾ turn left, cross shuffle, toe switches, heel forward toe back
9-10step forward onto right foot making ½ turn left, making further ¼ turn left step left to left side, now facing 9 o’clock
11&12cross right foot over left, step left to left side, cross right foot over left
13&14point left toe to left side, bring left foot next to right & point point right toe to right side
&15&16bring right foot into left & touch left heel forward, bring left foot next to right & tap right toe back

Steps [17-24] pivot ½ turn right with kick, coaster back, cross point x2
17-18pivoting on left foot make ½ turn right & kick right foot forward
19&20step back right, step left beside right, step forward onto right foot
21&22cross left foot over right & point right toe to right side
23&24cross right foot over left & point left toe to left side

Steps [25-32] jazz box coaster with ¼ turn left, 4x 1/8th hitch turn points
25-26cross left foot over right, & making ¼ turn left step back onto right foot
27&28step back left, step right beside left, step forward left
&29hitch right knee across left making 1/8th turn left, point right toe to right side
&30, &31, &32 Are each a repeat of steps &29


Last Update – 14th June 2016



Aurora June 13, 2016
I obv choreographed this to a slightly different version of the track. I will attempt to update the script, but in the meantime although the dance fits this track Ok, it wld b better wth a restart on wall 7 after count 16. Hope u try it & enjoy it

LynnS July 11, 2017
Amended script on Linedancer

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