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Lonely Drum B

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Anna Korsgaard (DK) - August 2017
Lonely Drum - Aaron Goodvin
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Intro: 40 count

Sec.: 1. Stomp, Bounce x 3 Right, Left
1 & 2&Stomp R forward, raise R heel up, drop R heel down, raise R heel up.
3 & 4Drop R heel down, raise R heel up, drop R heel down..
5 & 6&7&8 -Repeat to Left.

Sec.: 2. Walk Right, Left ¼ turn Right, Cross, Side, Wine, Cross
1 - 2Walk Right, Left forward.
3 - 4Step R to R making ¼ turn R, cross L over R.
5 – 6Step R to R side, Step L behind R.
7 – 8Step L to L side. Cross R over Left

Sec.: 3. Point Right, Left, Dig Right, Left Heel
1 - 2Point R to R side, step R beside L.
3 - 4Point L to L side, step L beside R.
5 - 6Dig R heel forward, step R beside L.
7 - 8Dig L heel forward, step L beside R.

Sec.: 4. Pivot ½ turn Left, Walk Right, Left, Long Step Drag Right Left
1 - 2Step R forward, step L forward making ½ turn.
3 - 4Walk R, L forward.
5 - 6Step a long step R diagonal, drag L to R. (weight on R).
7 - 8Step a long step L diagonal, drag R to L. (weight on L).

Tag: 8 counts after wall 3:
1-2Step R diagonal back, touch L next R
3-4Step L diagonal back, Step R beside L
5-8Twist R to R, Twist L to L, Repeat.

Enjoy and have Fun

This dance is made by inspiration from Darren Mitchells' Improver dance 'Lonely Drum'.

Contact Email: aklinedance@gmail


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