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Lonely Hearts & Honky Tonks

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Easy Intermediate
Ann Gorman - November 2012
Settlin' for What They Get - Mark Chesnutt : (Album: Wings - 3:23)
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Intro: Start on lyrics after 36 beats:

[1-8] Rock R, L, cross shuffle, Rock L,R, Behind side cross
1 2 3&4Rock R to right side, recover L, cross shuffle R L R
5 6 7&8Rock L to left side, recover R, L behind R, R to right side, cross L over R

[9-16] Side, together, R side shuffle, Cross point, R Sailor
1 2 3&4Step R to right side, drag L to beside R, R side shuffle
5 6 7&8Step cross L over R, Point R to right side, R sailor step

[17-24] L Sailor, R Sailor turn, Back, Back, L Coaster step
1&2 3&4L sailor step, R sailor step with !/4 turn right,
5 6 7&8Step back L, step back R, L coaster step (3:00)

[25-32] Diagonals - Step R fwd, L together, R shuffle fwd, Step L fwd, R tog. L shuffle fwd
1 2 3&4Step R 45 right, slide L to beside R, R shuffle fwd at 45deg right,
5 6 7&8Step L 45 left, slide R to beside L, L shuffle fwd at 45deg left
##Tag & Restart Wall 4

[33-40] Step, Kick, L Sailor, Step, Kick, L Sailor
1 2 3&4Step R back, Kick L to left 45, L sailor step,
5 6 7&8Step R back, Kick L to left 45, L sailor step

[41-48] Step back R, back L, R coaster, pivot 1/4 R, L cross shuffle
1 2 3&4Step R back, step L back, R Coaster Step.
5 6 7&8Step L fwd, pivot 1/4 right. L cross shuffle (6:00)

[49-56] Step R, recover, & step L, recover, Step L fwd, recover, Turning 1/2 L shuffle LRL
1 2 & 3 4Step R to R side, recover onto L, quickly step R to beside L (&), step L to L, recover R
5 6 7&8Step L fwd, recover onto R, Turning 1/2 left shuffle fwd LRL

[57-64] Turning 1/2 L shuffle RLR, Rock back, fwd, Walk L R, Cross Samba
1&2 3 4Turning 1/2 turn left, shuffle back RLR. Rock L back, recover onto R
5 6 7&8Walk fwd L, R, Left cross samba step

[65-68] Rocking Chair
1 2 3 4Rock fwd R, recover L, Rock back R, recover L (6:00)

## Tag & Restart on Wall 4, Instrumental. After count 32 ADD 4 extra beats with ...
1-4R Rocking chair, then Restart from beginning on 9 o'clock wall.

Ending: Dance ends on Wall 6, Count 19 - Do the L Sailor with 1/4 turn LEFT to face front,
Stomp Right beside Left.
This dance was choreographed for two "lovely old" Honky Tonks in their mid to late eighties who still enjoy their dancing and competition.
Hope you like it Pam & Loas!

Contact: (M) 0422 313 102 - (E)


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