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Long Tall Sally

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Sébastien BONNIER (FR) - April 2013
Long Tall Sally - Cagey Strings : (iTunes)
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(Alt music: High Class Lady by The Lennerockers)

[1-8] Stomp & Bounce R&L X2:
1-4Stomp R to R (spreading R hand to R side) & bounce R heel three times
5-8Stomp L to L (spreading L hand to L side) & bounce L heel three times

[9-16] Walk X2, Run X4:
1-4Step R fwd, Hold, Step L, Hold
5-8Walk fwd R-L-R-L (with knees flexed)

[17-24] Rock-Recover, Toe-Heel Struts Back X3:
1-2Rock-step R fwd, Recover on L
3-6Step R toe back, Step R heel to floor, Step L toe back, Step L heel to floor
7-8Step R Toe back, Step R heel to floor

[25-32] Rock-Recover X3, Step, Touch:
1-2Rock-step L back, Recover on R
3-4Rock-step to L side, Recover on R
5-6Cross-rock L over R, Recover on R
7-8Step L to L side, Touch R beside L

[33-40] Toe-Heel Jazz Box With 1/4 Turn R:
1-2Cross-step R to over L, Step R heel to floor starting 1/4 turn R
3-4Step L toe back, Step L heel to floor completing 1/4 turn R
5-6Step R toe to R side, Step R heel to floor
7-8Step L toe beside R, Step L heel to floor

[41-48] Heel-Toe Swivels Plus Claps X2:
1-2Swivel both heels to R, Swivel toes to R
3-4Swivel heels to R, Clap
5-6Swivel heels to L side, Swivel toes to L
7-8Swivel heels to L, Clap

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