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Looking Back

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Mark Furnell (UK) & Chris Godden (UK) - September 2021
Kiss My (Uh Oh) - Anne-Marie & Little Mix
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#8 Count Intro / Approx. 4 Secs

[01 - 08]: Side, Sailor Step, Sailor ¼, Behind, Side, Cross Rock Hip Push
1Step right to right
2&3Step left behind right, step right to right, step left to left
4&5Step right behind left, turn ¼ left step left forward, step right to right (9:00)
6&Step left behind right, step right to right
7-8Cross rock left over right pushing hips forward, recover weight onto right pushing hips back

[09 - 16]: Side, Weave, Hold & Behind, ¼ Step, Step ½ Pivot
1Step left to left
2&3Step right behind left, step left to left, cross right over left
4&5Hold, step left to left, step right behind left
6Turn ¼ left step left forward (6:00)
7-8Step right forward, turn ½ left transferring weight onto left (12:00)

[17 - 24]: Step, Heel Twists, Hitch Cross, Side Switches, Kick Ball Point
1&Step right to right, twist left heel in
Arms On twist in, right hand brushes left shoulder
2&Twist left heel back to centre, twist right heel in
Arms On twist in, left hand brushes right shoulder
3&4Twist right heel back to centre, hitch left knee, cross left over right
5&6&Point right to right, step right beside left, point left to left, step left beside right
7&8Kick right forward, step right back, point left forward
Styling On Wall 2, 4 & 6 Look back over right shoulder

[25 - 32]: Rock, Shuffle, Scissor Cross, ½ Hinge Step
1-2Rock weight forward onto left, recover weight back onto right
3&4Step left forward, step right beside left, step left forward
5&6Step right to right, step left beside right, cross right over left
7&8Turn ¼ right step left back, turn ¼ right step right to right, step left forward (6:00)
Restart Here on Wall 5

[33 - 40]: Hitch, Step, Weave, Side, ¼ Back Drag, Back, Together
1&2Hitch right knee, step right forward, sweep left from back to front
3&4Cross left over right, step right to right, step left behind right
5-6Step right to right, turn ¼ right step left back dragging right beside left (9:00)
7-8Step right back, step left beside right

[41 - 48]: Hitch, Step Sweep, Weave, ¼ Step, Step ½ Pivot, Step
1&2Hitch right knee, step right forward, sweep left from back to front
3&4Cross left over right, step right to right, step left behind right
5Turn ¼ right step right forward (12:00)
6-7Step left forward, turn ½ right transferring weight onto right (6:00)
8Step left forward

Ending After Wall 6 repeat the last 16 counts to end facing 12:00


mamai September 7, 2021
Awesome πŸ’πŸ’
Great Choreo πŸ‘πŸ‘
Vote *4*

Bushe September 7, 2021

571029 September 8, 2021
Another great dance from the boy's, love it

whitehouse September 8, 2021
Brilliant dance .although it says advanced it's not hard.just give it a go.sure you will love it. I do

Ktdancer September 23, 2021
Oooh I really like this dance, absolutely not hard at all,give it a go. I hope it's a huge hit!

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