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Los Dol

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Dian Rose (INA) - October 2021
Los Dol - Vita Alvia
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Start dance after 16 Count Intro.
Do the intro dance before main dance (free style)

SEC. 1 Side, Together, Side Together X2
1-4Step R to side - Step L together - Step R to side - Touch L together (12.00)
5-8Step L to side - Step R together - Step L to side - Touch R together

SEC. 2 Rockin Chair, Paddle 1/2 Turn
1-4Step R forward - Recover on L - Step R back - Recover on L
5-8Step R to side - 1/4 Turn L (weight on L) - Step R to side - 1/4 Turn L (weight on L)

SEC. 3 Cross Rock Recover, Side casshe, Cross Rock Recover, casshe 1/2 Turn
1-2Rock R Cross Over L - Recover on L
3&4Step R to side - Close L beside R - Step R in place
5-6Rock L Cross Over L - Recover on R
7&8Step L to side - Close R beside L - 1/4 Turn Right Step L forward

SEC. 4 Toe Strut - Jazz Box
1-4Touch R Toe forward - Step down R heel - Touch L Toe forward - Step down L heel
5-8Cross R over L - Step L Back - Step R to side - Step L forward

Tags & Restart
On Wall 2 after 16 Count
1-2Step R forward, Step L forward
3-4Step R back to centre, Step L next to R
5-8Sway L to left - Sway R to right

Enjoy the dance

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Mirai October 11, 2021
Kereenn suksws ya mbak dian...makin semangatt🥰🥰

Dwi Astuti October 11, 2021
Sukses terus koreonya ya Dian.. Luv yu full

Dian Rose October 11, 2021
Terima kasih supportnya ...❤❤

Nanny Seno October 11, 2021
Hi Diaan, .lucuu koreonya bagus, tetap semangat yaa...

Dian Rose October 17, 2021
Terima kasih Mb Nani....Sukses dan semangat juga yaa

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