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Lost Boys 40
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David LECAILLON / 14 April 2018
« Lost Boys » by Ocean Park Standoff vs Seeb
** 40th anniversary of the choreographer **

Intro: 16 counts

Section 1 : R Step Side , Behind Side Cross, Step Back ¼ Turn, Step ½ Turn, Rock Side ¼ Turn , Cross
1step R to R side 12:00
2&3step L behind R , step R to R side, step L over R
4-5step R back ¼ turn to L , step L forward ½ turn to L 3:00
6&7rock on R side ¼ turn to L , recover on L 12:00
8step R over L

Section 2: L Step, Sweep ½ Turn Coaster Step, Toe ¼ Turn, Mambo Back
1-2step L to L side , sweep R ½ turn on R 6:00
3&4step back on R , step L next to R , step forward on R
5-6toe L , ¼ turn on L on place 3:00
7&8rock back on L, recover on R , step L next to R
Restart here on wall 2 with change step ( toe L, ½ turn to L on place facing 6:00)

Section 3 : Scissor Step, Rock Recover, Cross ,Step Back ¼ Turn, Step Side ¼ Turn, Cross
1&2step L on L, step R next to L, step L over R
3-4rock to R side , recover on L
5-6step R over L , step L back ¼ turn on R 6:00
7-8step R to R side ¼ turn to R , step L over R 9:00

Section 4 : Side Rock ¼ Turn , Dorothy Step , Dorothy Step , Side Slide Touch
1-2rock R to R side ¼ turn to L , recover on L 6:00
3-4&step R to R diagonal , lock L behind R , step R forward
5-6&step L to L diagonal , lock R behind L , step L forward
7-8step R to R side , drag L next to R and touch with L toe

Section 5 : Point , Step ¼ Turn , Point ¼ Turn, Step ¼ Turn , Sweep ¼ Turn ,Jazz Box
1-2point L to L side, step L forward ¼ turn on L 3:00
3-4¼ turn on L point R to R side, step R forward ¼ turn on R 3:00
5sweep ¼ turn on R,
6-7-8step L over R, step back R to R side , step L to L side , 6:00

Section 6 : R Heel , Toe , Cross, Step , Sailor, Shuffle ½ Turn
1heel R to R diagonal
2&3touch toe R on R, step R next to L , step L over R
4step R to R side
5&6cross L behinf R , step R to R side, step L to L side
7&8shuffle R to R side ½ turn to R 12:00

Section 7 : Cross Rock, Step , Cross , Scuff , Touch Ball , Cross, Step
1-2rock L over R , recover on R
3-4step L on L side, step R over L
5scuff L forward on L diagonal
6&7touch L ball , step L next to R , step R over L
8step L to L side

Section 8 : Step Pivot ½ Turn , Shuffle , Full Turn , Shuffle
1-2step R forward , ½ turn on L 6:00
3&4shuffle R forward on R
5-6step back on L ½ turn on R , step forward on R ½ turn on R 6:00
7&8shuffle L forward on L

Restart with smile

Contact - Submitted by - RAFFANEL JEAN MARC - JMARC6321@YAHOO.FR
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