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Love Always Runs Away (사랑은 늘 도망가)

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Sam Kang & May Cho (KOR) - October 2021
Love Always Run Away (사랑은 늘 도망가) - Lim Young Woong (임영웅) : (Young Lady and Gentleman (신사와 아가씨) - OST Part.2)
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S1. Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Balance
1,2&Sweep LF, Lock behind LF , Side RF
3,4Cross LF over RF ,Side RF
5&6Side LF, behind RF, Step on place LF
7&8Side RF, behind LF, Step on place RF

S2. Slide, Behind , Side, Cross, Spiral 5/8 L turn, Back, Walk*3, Back, 1/2L turn
1,2&Slide LF, behind RF, Side LF
3,4Cross RF, Spiral L 5/8 turn (facing 4:30)
&5,6,7Back rock RF(&), Walk x3 (LF-RF-LF)
8&Back RF, ½ L turn Fwd step LF (facing 10:30)

S3. Fwd Step, Lunge, Weight movement, Back, 3/8 R Turn with Sweep, Step, Ball 1,2 Fwd RF, Lunge RF
3,4Weight movement LF (facing 4:30), Hold 5,6& Weight movement RF(facing 10:30), LF (facing 4:30), Back LF
7,8& 3/8 R Turn with sweep RF, Step RF, Ball LF next to RF (facing 3:00)

S4. ¼ R turn Cross, Side, Back, ¼ L turn Step, ¼ R turn Step on place, ½ R turn, Hold, ½ R turn, Walk x3
1,2¼ R turn Cross RF(facing 6:00), Side LF
3&4Back RF, ¼ L turn Step LF(facing 12:00), ¼ R turn Step on place RF(facing6:00)
&5,6½ R turn Back LF(12:00), Hold, ½ R turn Walk RF
7,8Walk (LF - RF)

Restarts : -
On Wall 4, After 16 counts (6:00)
On Wall 7, After 24& counts (12:00)

May Cho : Enjoy your dance~~


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