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Love Is Like A Petal

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High Beginner (Tango Rhythm)
Eun Mi Lim & S.E.A of love (April 2020)
사랑은 꽃잎처럼 (Love is like a petal) –홍진영 (Hong Jin-young)
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Intro: Start lyrics “Na Na Na” (21sec. Into track)

S1: Prissy Walk (R-L), Cross, Side Together, Hold
1-2Cross R over L, Hold
3-4Cross L over R, Hold
5-6Cross R over L, Big step L to left side
7-8Step R next to L (Turn head and look to left), Hold (Turn head and look to center)
S2: Back, Drag, Back, Drag, Back, Hook, Cross, Sweep
1-2Step back on R, Drag L towards back
3-4Step back on L, Drag R towards back
5-6Step back on R, Hook L over R
7-8Cross L over R, Sweep R from back to front

S3: Cross-Side-Behind, Sweep, Behind, 1/4Turn R &Forward, Together, Point
1-2Cross R over L, Step L to left side
3-4Cross R behind L, Sweep L from front to back
5-6Cross L behind R, 1/4turn R stepping R forward (3:00)
7-8Step forward on L, Point R toe to right side (bending L knee down)

S4: Drag two counts, Cross, 1/4 Turn R & Ball Together, Lock Step, 1/4Turn L & Ball Together
1-2Drag R toe towards Left for two counts
3-4Cross R over L, Swivel R Heel 1/4turn right with keeping L ball beside R (6:00)
5-6Forward on L, Step R behind L
7-8Forward on L, Swivel L Heel 1/4turn left with keeping R ball beside L (3:00)

Enjoy Dancing Always~!

Eun Mi: Eun Ah:

( 01:59:04)


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