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Love is Still Alive

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High Beginner
Birthe Tygesen (DK) - February 2011
(Extended version of the dance “Love is Alive”)

Extra choices: Or any music that fits this Nightclub dance.
Every Now and Then by Alan Jackson
Have I Told You Lately by Rod Stewart
Everything I Do by Bryan Adams

Section 1: Night Club Basic x2, mod. vine ¼ turn, sweep ¼ turn, cross, side
1 – 2&L long step L, rock R behind L, recover on L
3 – 4&R long step R, rock L behind R, recover on R
5 – 6&step L to L, step R behind L, ¼ L stepping fwd L
7 – 8&sweep R across L turning ¼ L, cross R in front of L, step L to L side (6:00)

Section 2: cross rock, side, cross rock, side, cross point, chasse, cross rock
1 –2&cross rock R in front of L, recover on L, step R to R side
3 -4&cross rock L in front of R, recover on R, step L to L side
5 -6&7cross point R in front of L, step R to R, step L besides R, step R to R
8&cross rock L in front of R, recover on R (6:00)

Section 3: ¼ turn L, step-turn-step, step-turn-step, sway, sway
1¼ turn L step forward onto L (3:00)
2&3step R forward, pivot ½ turn L (weight onto L), step forward R (9:00)
4&5step L forward, pivot ½ turn R (weight onto R), step forward L (3:00)
6-7step to R side swaying R, sway L

Section 4: behind, ¼ turn L, step, side (x 2), sway, sway, sway
8&1step R slightly behind L, ¼ turn L stepping L to L side, step R forward (12:00)
2step L to L side
3&4REPEAT step R slightly behind L, ¼ turn L stepping L to L side, step R forward (9:00)
5step L to L side
6-7-8sway R, L, R (9:00)

Note: Slow down with the music to finish the dance.

Enjoy dancing

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