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Love Shack Baby

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Michelle Wright (USA) - October 2021
Love Shack (2019 remaster) - The B-52's
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Section 1: R&L diagonal step touches, Pony steps w/ Backstroke arms
1,2 Step R Forward to R diagonal, Touch L next to R
3,4Step L forward to L diagonal, Touch R next to L
5&6 Step R back, step ball of L next to R, step R next to L
7&8 Step Back L, Step Ball of L next to R, Step L next to R
Arms for 5-8: Raise R hand straight up, and circle it down behind you . Repeat with L
Easier option for 5-8: Step Back R touch L step back L touch R

Section 2: ¼ Vine R w/ hitch, Vine L w/ hitch
1,2 Step R to R side, Step L behind R
3,4 ¼ turn R stepping R forward, Hitch L knee
5,6 Step L to L side, Step R behind L
7,8 Step L to L side, Hitch R knee

Section 3: R&L side drag w/ shimmies
1,2,3,4 Step R to R side with slightly bent knees, drag L to R as you shimmy shoulders and rise back up for 2 counts, touch L next to R
5,6,7,8 Step to L side with slightly bent knees, Drag R to L as you shimmy shoulders and rise back up for 2 counts, Touch L next to R

Section 4: Forward toe struts w/ Swimming arms x2, Underwater
1,2 Touch R toe forward, drop heel
3,4 Touch L toe forward, drop heel
Style options 1-4 add hip bumps to toe struts
Arms for 1-4: Overhand Crawl: Bring R hand chest height and move it straight forward Repeat with L hand
5,6,7,8 Underwater: Hold nose with right hand, raise left hand, bend knees and slowly lower as you Sway hips Rise back up as you sweat hips ending weight on L

End of dance! Have fun with this!!
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L's Katz Lesley October 17, 2021
Love this. Fun dance to a really fun track. Well done

Michelle Wright October 18, 2021
Thank you!! 🥰

young October 26, 2021
We were an exciting dance time with your choreography😊😊
We missed the intro but we were delighted^~^

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