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Love Tonight

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Phrased Improver
Russibell Seoh - April 2019
오늘밤에 ( Love Tonight ) by JinYoung Hong
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Intro : 32 Counts - Sequence : A B B(16) Tag A B B B(16) Tag A A B

Tag : 4 Counts ( Nice Pose) The tag is always after Part B (16 Counts)

Part A : 32 Counts
Sec1. R Side &Hip Sway Hold, Hip Sway L R, L Hip Sway Hold, Hip Sway RL
1 2 3 4R Step To Side &Hip Sway (1) Hold(2), Hip Sway L(3) R (4)
5 6 7 8L Step To Side &Hip Sway (5) Hold(6) Hip Sway R(R) L (8)

Sec2, R Step,3 Times Of L Shuffle Fwd, R Step Fwd,1/2 Pivot L, R Together, Turn,1/4 R Step L To Side, R Toe Touch To R Side
&R Step Close To L(&)
1&2&3&4L Step FWd(1), R Lock Step Bihind L(&)x 2 ( 2&3&) L Step Fwd (4).
5 6R Step Fwd, 1/2 L Pivot ( Weight On LF)(6:00)
&7 8R Step Beside L(&) ,L Side 1/4 R Turn(7)(9:00) ,R ( Bending R Knee) Toe Touch To R Side

Sec3. Hold. R Ball Step Beside R, L Step To The L x2, 1/4 L Turn Skate RLRL
12&Hold(1),R Ball Step Beside R(2) L Step To L Side(&)
34&Hold(3),R Ball Step Beside R(4) L Step To L Side(&)
56Skate R Side Diagonally , Skate L Side Diagonally 1/8 L Turn
78Skate R Side Diaganolly , Skate L Side Diagonally 1/8 L Turn ( 6:00)

Sec4. 4 Time Of R Hip Bump,Hip Roll (From R To L), Back Walk R, Together
1234 4Times of R Hip Bump
5 6Hip Roll From R To L
7 8Back Walk R , Step L next to R

Part B : 32 Counts
Sec1. R Side ,L Heel Touch Cross R ,L SIde, R Heel Touch Beside L, 1/4 Turn To R modified Jazz Box, R SIde Point
1234R Side, L Heel Touch Cross R,L SIde, R Heel Touch Cross L,
56&R Cross Over L(5),L Step Back 1/4 Turn To R(6), R SIde(&).(3:00)
78L Cross over R ,R Side Point

Sec2. R Cross, L Side Point, L Cross, R SIde Point, R Back Cross 1/4 Turn to R ,L Side Point, L Back Cross , R side Point
12R Cross Over L, L Side Point
34L Cross Over R ,R Side Point
56R Step Behind L 1/4 Turn To R ,L SIde Point (6:00)
78L Step Behind R , R Side Point

Sec3.1/2 L Turn Shuffle Back, 1/2 L Turn Shuffle Fwd, Charlston Kick
1&2R Step Side 1/4 L Turn, L Close To R, R Step Back 1/4 L Turn
3&4L Side 1/4 L Turn, R Close To L, L Step Fwd 1/4 L Turn ( 6:00)
5678R Step Fwd, L Fwd Kick, L Step Back, R Back Touch

Sec4, . R L step In Place, R Side Point, Hold( Clap Clap) Heel Switch R L , R Long Step Fwd, Drag Step
12R Step Next To L, L Step Next To R
3&4R Side Point , Two Times Of Clap
5&6&R Heel Fwd Touch ,R Together, L Heel Fwd Touch , L Together
7 8R Long Fwd Step, L Drag Step Next to R

Happy Dancing ~~~^_____________^

Last Update - 11 April 2019


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