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Easy Intermediate
Enric Nonell (ES) - Feburary 2018
Loveaholic - Ruth Lorenzo : (Album: Loveaholic - 3:14)
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Tag: Easy tag after 4th and 9th repetition
Note 1: Start with the first bass beat after 4 counts of introduction. The singer says: “I'm so uninspired”. Count 1 coincide with the PI syllable of this first sentence.

Note 2: The song may be counted as a 6/8 time signature with 48 counts phrase, but I use one count for each triplet, so where it says 1,&,a can be counted as a fast waltz 1,2,3.
5,&,a,6,&,a= 1,2,3,4,5,6

[1-8] Step forward & sweep, step forward, side, together, step forward & sweep, step forward, side, ½ pivot turn, ball step, ¼ turn
1Step LF forward and sweep RF from back to forward
a,2Step RF forward, step on ball of LF to left
a,3Step on ball of RF beside LF, step LF forward and sweep RF from back to forward
a,4Step RF forward, step LF to left
5,6Step RF forward, ½ turn left and step on LF
a,7,8Step on ball of RF forward, step LF forward, ¼ turn right and step on RF

[9-16] Cross rock, recover, ball cross, side, lock, fishbone steps, step forward, rock backward and turn head
1,2Cross rock LF over RF, recover on RF backward
a,3Step on ball of LF to left, cross RF over LF
a,4Step on ball of LF to left, lock RF behind LF
5,&,aStep LF forward to left diagonal, lock RF behind LF, step LF forward to left diagonal
6,&,aStep RF forward to right diagonal, lock LF behind RF, step RF forward to right diagonal
7Step LF forward
8,aRock RF backward and turn head to the right to look behind, turn head to look front

Start again

Tag: Add a rock step forward at the end of the 4th and the 9th repetition
1,2Rock LF forward, recover on RF backward

Àngels & Enric: (+34)651653469 - -

Last Update - 27th Feb. 2018


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