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Loving Him Was Easy
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Wil Bos – January 2018
Loving Him Was Easier by Tina Turner, Album: Back to Back
Intro: 16 counts
(Alt.Song Korean Music) “애인 있어요”By Eun Mi Lee)

S1: Step Lock Step, ½ Turn R with Sweep, Cross Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Side Rock, Recover, Cross Behind With Sweep.
1-2&RF step forward, LF lock behind R, RF step forward
3½ turn R step back on LF sweeping RF from front to back (6:00)
4&5RF cross behind LF, LF step to L side, RF cross over LF
6&LF recover, RF step to R Side
7&LF cross rock over RF, RF recover
8&1LF rock to L side, RF recover, LF cross behind sweeping RF from front to back (6:00)

S2: Cross Behind, ¼ L Step Forward, ½ Turn L Step Back With Sweep, Sailor, Lock Step With Hitch, Cross Shuffle With Hitch
2&3RF Cross behind LF, LF step forward ¼ L, RF step back ½ turn L and LF sweeping from front to back(9:00)
4&5LF Cross behind RF, RF step R, LF step slightly forward
6&7RF step forward, LF lock behind RF, RF step forward and hitch L knee across R knee
8&1LF cross RF, RF Step R side, LF cross RF and Hitch R knee across L knee (9;00)

S3: Cross shuffle, Back, Back, Cross, Back ,Side Rock, Cross Rock, Recover,Side,Cross rock
2&3Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L side, Cross RF over LF angling body to L
4&5LF step back, RF step back angling body to R, LF cross over RF
6&7RF step back, Step LF to L side, Cross RF over LF
8&1LF recover, Step RF to R side, LF Cross RF (9:00)

S4: Recover, Side, Syncopated Weave, Cross Rock, Recover, 1/4 R, Spiral Full Turn R, Step forward
2&RF recover, LF Step to L
3&4&5RF cross over LF, LF Step to L, RF cross behind LF, LF Step to L side, RF Cross over LF
6&7LF recover, RF Step Forward ¼ turn R, Step forward on L and Spiral Full Turn R on L Foot
8RF Step forward (12:00)

S5: Cross, Modified Diamond Step, Lock Step Sweep Diagonal
1&2LF cross over RF, RF step back 1/8 turn L, LF step back (10:30)
3&4RF Step back, LF step forward ¼ turn L, RF step forward(7:30)
5&6LF Step forward, RF ¼ L step back, LF step back (4:30)
7&RF step back, LF make 1/8 turn step L (3:00)
8&1RF Step forward , LF Lock behind RF, RF Step forward and Sweep LF from back to front (1:30)

S6: Cross, 1/8 R Side, Sweep, Behind, 1/4 L Forward,Forward, 1/4 R Side Rock, Cross, 1/4 L, 1/4 L, Cross
2&3LF Cross over, RF Step to 1/8 R (3:00), LF cross behind sweep RF from front to back
4&5RF cross behind LF, LF ¼ Step forward L, RF Step forward (12.00)
6&7LF ¼ R Side Rock LF to L, RF recover, LF cross over RF (3:00)
8&1RF ¼ L Step back(12:00), LF ¼ L Step to L Side (9:00), RF cross over LF

S7: 1/4 R, 1/4 R, Cross, Scissor Step, 1/4 R Back Sweep, Back Sweep,Cross Behind,Side,Cross
2&3LF ¼ R step back (12:00), RF ¼ R Step to R Side (3:00), LF cross over RF
4&5RF Step to R Side, LF Step next RF, RF cross over LF
6LF 1/4 R step back and RF sweep R from front to back (6:00)
7RF Step back and LF sweep L from front to back
8&1LF Cross behind RF, RF Step R Side, LF Cross over RF

S8: Rumba Box, Coaster Step, Step Forward
2&3RF step to R Side, LF step together RF, RF Step forward
4&5LF Step to L Side, RF step together LF, LF Step backward
6&7RF Step back, LF Step beside RF, RF Step forward
8LF step forward

Wil Bos Line Dancers - www.wbos.nl - info@wbos.nl - mobiel +31 653 53 18 23
Hyun Ji Chung(Korea)-chunghyunji@naver.com

Last Update - 23rd Jan. 2018
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