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Loving Me Speechless
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High Intermediate
Gemma Ridyard & Lyn Ridyard – May 2018
Speechless by The Shires
R Nightclub basic, ¾ reverse spiral, run around arabesque, weave, sweep, behind 3/8 turn L
1 2&Step R big side step, cross rock L behind R, replace weight forward to R
3step L back a ¼ turn R as you complete a ½ turn over R shoulder hook RF in front of L shin (9.00)
4&5Run around a full turn over R shoulder R,L,R as you complete the last step bring L leg up to attitude arabesque
 *option ronde LF from back to front*
6&7cross L in front of R, step R to R side, cross L behind R as you sweep R from front to back
8&cross RF behind L, make 3/8 turn L as you step L forward (5.30)

Spiral, Run forward LR, rock, triple turn back R 1 ½ , step L, step R, cross unwind full turn rock L, run back LR
1step R forward as you unwind a full turn L – L finishes hooked across R shin (5.30)
2&3step LF forward, step RF forward, rock LF forward turn torso to L prepping upper body
4&5Make a ½ turn R stepping R forward, make a ½ turn R stepping L back, make a ½ turn R stepping R forward (10:30)
6&Step L forward, step R forward
7Cross L behind R as you unwind a full turn L weight finishes rocked forward on L (10:30)
8&Run Back R, Run Back L (10:30)

¼ turn R sway r,l,r, ronde 1 1/8 turn L, press R forward reaching R arm up, ¼ R touch L, R arms pulls down
1 2 3Make a ¼ turn R step R to R swaying hips, sways hips L, sway hips R (1.30)
4stepping L down sweep R a 1 1/8 turn L (12.00)
5 6press ball of R forward as you slowly extend R arm up (5,6)
7 8make a ¼ turn R touching L toe to R drawing R arm down into a fist (78) (3.00)

¼ L sweep R, cross ¼ back, ¼ R nightclub basic, reverse spiral ½ R, arc run ½ L, cross
1 2&Make a ¼ turn L step L forward as you sweep R from back to front, cross R over L, make a ¼ turn L stepping L back (3.00)
3 4&make a ¼ turn R stepping R big side step R, cross L behind R, replace weight forward to R (6.00) 5 step L to L side as you unwind ½ turn R – R hooks over L shin (12.00)
6&7making an arc run around ½ turn over R stepping R,L,R (6.00)
8Cross L over R

Tag 8 counts end of wall 2 facing 12 O’clock
1 2&Step R to R, cross L behind R, make a ¼ turn R step R forward (3.00)
3 4step L forward, pivot ½ a turn R (9.00)
&5Make a ¼ turn R step L to L, cross R behind L (12.00)
6&7Make a ¼ turn L step L forward, step R forward, pivot ½ turn L (3.00)
8&Make a ¼ turn L step R to R, close L to R (12.00)

Happy Dancing! - Love Gem XOXO

Email; Gem@gemridyard.com

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