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Intermediate / Advanced
Kelly Whitehouse
Low by Flo Rida feat. T-Pain - CD: Step up 2
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Dance starts approx 16 sec from intro, starts on main vocals.

Jump, R,L, R hitch x2, jump crossing feet in mid air ¼ turn right, squat, lift head
1-2 Jump with feet together to R side and repeat to left, pulling arms upward from Elbows on both counts
&3,4 Keeping weight on L, Push R leg out behind and hitch R knee up x2.
5&6 Step R to R side, jump both feet off the ground and cross feet over in mid air, land both feet shoulder width apart,
7-8 Step out on R, ¼ turn doing a squat to L, (Knees bent with elbows rested on both knees, head dropped down toward floor) and lift head for count 8 (still in squat position) ( Should be facing 9 O’ Clock)

R, Kick and cross, Step back R, L ¼ turn, Step R, flick jump ½ turn, step R, jump ½ turn R
1&2 Kick R out to R side (L is on tip toes While doing kick), step onto R, cross L over R (with a small drop on both knees) end with weight on left,
3-4 Step back R, step back ¼ turn L on L foot, (Facing 6 O’ Clock)
5-6 Step forward on R, Jump onto L while doing a ½ turn and flicking the R foot in the air behind you (when you jump, both arms go above your head, L hand holding your R wrist) (Facing 12 O’ Clock)
7-8 Land with R foot to R side, jump with both feet off the ground and doing a ½ turn right in mid air, ( land with both feet shoulder with apart) (Facing 6 O’ Clock)

Kick R, open and close knees together, slide R, Step left Together, ¼ turn, ½ turn L, jump forward on R, kick L, R, Hitch R
1& Kick R foot forward, touch R beside L, (knees should be closed together on the touch)
2& Keeping feet together, open knees apart, then close tight together (Weight ends on L)
3-4 Slide to R side on R foot and touch L together.
5-6 Step back on R foot with a ¼ turn left (Facing 3 O’Clock), stepping on left, do a ½ turn left, (end facing 9 O’ Clock)
7& Jump forward onto R foot, while L foot is out behind, Jump back on R foot while kicking L foot forward,
8& Kick R foot forward, hitch R knee upward.

Snake rolls to R and L x2, Step touch x2 with chest tics
1-4 Step R to R side while doing snake rolls through the body R,L,R,L (Body rolls), weight ends on L foot
5-6 Step R to R side, touch L foot beside R,
7-8 Step L to L side, touch R foot beside L. ( While doing step touches pump the chest in and out)

Step R forward, Step touch, Side step L, drop R knee, touch together
1-2 Step R Forward, push back on hips, while keeping R foot where it is but lifting it onto its heel,(weight ends on L)
3-4 Step R out to R side, touch L beside R popping the left knee in toward the right leg, ( L arm pushes up to the L diagonal while touching together and head looks to R side, weight ends on R)
5-6 Step L to L side, pop R knee toward floor,
7-8 Repeat counts 3&4, ( including arms and keep weight ending on R)

R heel walk, L Heel walk, step forward left with body roll, step R together. Hitch Right while doing ¼ turn L, ½ turn L, hitch, slap behind on hips and push arms forward
1& L heel forward,(jumping with your R), step forward on L,
2& R heel forward,(jumping with you L), step forward on R.
3-4 Step forward on L, while doing a body roll and throw your head back, Step R beside L and head comes forward.
5-6 Lift R knee up, (hitch) ¼ turn left, ( facing 6 O’Clock) hands in the air, (do not put foot down while doing turns, keep hitch in the air), continue hitch with a ½ turn L, (end facing 12 O’ Clock).
7-8 Step R foot down to R side while slapping both hands on your behind, Throw both hands forwards and push behind out

Slide R, rock and step, slide L rock and step, step ¼ on R foot, push out on right, repeat
1,2& Step/slide diagonally forward onto R foot, rock back on L, recover onto R,
3,4& Step/slide diagonally forward onto L foot, rock back on R, recover onto L,
5-6 Step out R, ¼ turn to left, ( when weight transfers over to left push R foot out to R side, ( facing 9 O’Clock)
7-8 Repeat counts 5&6 (end facing 6 0’Clock).

Camel walks, step together and out and repeat
1-4 Step R forward while L knee pops, step L forward, while R knee pops and repeat. (Head movement: Look down on the 1st walk, up on the 2nd, down on 3rd and up on 4th, chest also pumps in, out, in, out while arms push across front of chest, then pull out, push in and then pull out)
&5,6 Step R forward and left together, jump out shoulder width apart, ( Arm Movements: When stepping in, in, both knees are bent, body is down, hands come in and wave between the knees, on the jump out both arms point and stretch upwards to they’re diagonal.
&7,8 Repeat counts &5,6.

( 16:59:02)(B7A582C0)


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