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LT Beating like a DRUM
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Lillemor Trell & Marina Szalai - January 2018
Rhythm Of My Heart by Rod Stewart
One Restart on wall 6 facing 12.00
Replace “right heel forward” at count 8 in section 3 with a touch with right toe next to left foot. Then restart the dance again at 12.00 a clock.

Two Tags, after wall 3 and wall 4, wall 3 facing 9 a clock and wall 4 facing 12 a clock
1-4Touch right toe beside left foot and at the same time clap your right hand on chest where the heart is and bump your hip to right at the same time. Proceed this at every single count. Make sure your weight is on the left foot when starting the dance again.

Intro, Intro starts after 32c music
[1-8] turn 1/4 *4, Right rocking chair, stomp *4
[1-8] Step right foot forward (1), Turn 1/4 left with weight on left foot (2). Repeat this until facing 12 a clock and weight is on left foot
1-4Right foot rock forward (1), recover on left (2), right foot rock back (3), recover (4)
5-8Stomp right foot beside left (5), stomp left foot beside right (6), repeat for 7 and 8

S1. Right & Left shuffle forward, Right rock recover, Right shuffle turn 1/2
1&2Right foot one step forward, left close to right, right one step forward
3&4Left foot one step forward, right close to left, left one step forward
5,6Rock right foot forward, recover on left (6)
7&8Moving back triple 1/2 turn on right, left, right

S2. Syncopated rock forward left & right, right shuffle back, left rock back recover
1,2&Left foot rock forward, recover on right, step back on left beside right
3,4Right foot rock forward, recover on left (4)
5&6Right foot one step back, left beside right (&), right one step back
7,8Left foot rock back, recover on right foot (8)

S3. 1/2 turn & 1/2 turn, step 1/4 right, left Vaudeville, right Vaudeville
11/2 turn right step back on left foot
21/2 turn right step forward on right foot
3,4Step forward on left foot, turn 1/4 right and weight is on right foot
5&6Cross left foot front of right (5), step out on right foot (&), touch left heel forward
&Step left foot beside right foot
7&8Cross right foot front of left (7), step out on left foot (&), touch right heel forward
Restart on wall 6 facing 12.00

S4. Heel hook heel, step turn 1/2, walk *2, Out-out together left forward
&1&2Right foot beside left (&), left heel forward touch (1), left heel hook (&), left heel forward touch
&3,4Left foot beside right (&), step right foot forward (3), turn 1/2 left (4)
5,6Walk one step right forward, walk one step left forward
&7&8Right foot small step out (&), left foot small step out(7), right foot beside left foot (&), walk left foot forward (8)

Contact: marinaszalai@gmail.com

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