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Lucky Day

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Michelle Risley (UK) - March 2016
Lucky Day - Sasha
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Count In: 16 counts from start of track (16 sec), on vocal. Approx 101 bpm

[1-8] Stomp Out R,L,R, flick Step, Stomp L,R, Heel Hook Heel
1-2Stomp Right foot to right side, Stomp Left foot to left side. 12
3&4Stomp Right foot to right side, Flick Right foot behind Left knee, Stomp Right foot to Right Side 12
5-6Stomp Left foot to Left side, Stomp Right foot to Right Side 12
7&8Tap Left Heel Forward, Hook Left foot in front of Right Leg, Tap Left heel Forward 12
Styling Add a swing/sway to stomps! (counts 1-2 & 5-6)

[9-16] Rock Step, Shuffle, ¼ Pivot, Cross Shuffle
&1-2Step Left to place, Rock Forward on Right foot, Recover onto Left 12
3&4Step forward on Right, Together Left, Step forward on Right 12
5-6Step forward Left, Pivot ¼ Right 3
7&8Step Left over Right, Side Right, Cross Left over Right 3
Styling Add a swing/sway to rock! (counts &1-2)
Restart Wall 4 – Start facing 3oc Restart after cross shuffle facing Back Wall (6:00)

[17-24] & Cross Rock Steps, Half Turning Jazz, Shuffle Forward
&1 2Step Right to Side, Cross Rock Left over Right, Recover Right 3
& 3 4Step Left to Place, Cross Rock Right over Left, Recover Left 3
& 5-6Step Right to Place, Cross Left over Right, ¼ Left Stepping Back on Right (Travel Backwards) 12
7&8(¼ Left Shuffle) Left Step to Side, Step Right Together, ¼ Left Step Forward Left 9

[25-32] Step Half Pivot, Shuffle Half, Coaster Step, Kick Ball Drag
1-2Step Forward Right, Pivot Half Turn Left 3
3&4Half Turning Shuffle Left Travelling backwards 9
5&6Step Back on Left, Together Right, Step forward Left 9
7&8Kick Right Forward, Step together, Take a Large Step Forward dragging Right towards Left 9

TAG: Complete wall 6 you will be facing 9oc add the following 8 Counts then start dance from count 1 9
Two Pivot Half Turns, Toe Strut Jazz Box Cross
1-4 –Step Forward Right, Pivot ½ Turn Left, Step Forward Right, ½ Pivot Left
5-8 –Cross Strut, Back Strut, Side Strut, Cross Strut
Give it plenty of Styling with Finger clicks!

Ending: Wall 8 Big Step forward on Right (Count 25) Facing Front Wall 12


Michelle: - 07808 772987 -

Last Update - 24th March 2016


Lonestar Ros March 15, 2016
great dance from Michelle, highly recommend having a go at this one

dancer33 April 3, 2016
great little dance def on teach list this week :-)

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