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Lucky In Love (LDF)

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EWS Winson (MY) - May 2020
Lucky in Love - Ronnie Beard
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Intro: 32 counts in (approx. 0.26 sec)

Note: Special thanks to Betty Elizabeth Drummond for suggesting this track to me.

#1 (1-8) L Side, R Back Rock & Recover, R Side, L Back Rock & Recover, L Side Touch, R Chasse ¼ (R)
1-2&Weight on RF: Step LF to L side (1), rock RF behind LF (2), recover weight on LF (&) 12.00
3-4&Step RF to R side (3), rock LF behind RF (4), recover weight on RF (&) 12.00
5-6Step LF to L side (5), touch R toes beside LF (6) 12.00
7&8Step RF to R side (7), close LF beside RF (&), turn ¼ R stepping RF forward (8) 3.00

#2 (9-16) L Pivot ½ (R), ½ (R) with L Back Lock Steps, R-L Back, R Coaster Cross
1-2Step LF forward (1), turn ½ R over R shoulder (2) 9.00
3&4Turn ½ R stepping LF back (3), lock RF over LF (&), step LF back (4) 3.00
5-6Step RF back (5), step LF back (6) 3.00
7&8Step RF back (7), close LF next to RF (&), cross RF over LF (8) 3.00

#3 (17-24) L-R Syncopated Rumba Box, L Back Touch, R Forward Shuffle
1&2Step LF to L side (1), step RF next to LF (&), step LF forward (2) 3.00
3&4Step RF to R side (3), step LF next to RF (&), step RF back (4) 3.00
5-6Step LF back (5), touch R toes beside LF (6) - slightly open body to L diagonal (can do a body roll) 3.00
7&8Step RF forward (7), step LF next to RF (&), step RF forward (8) 3.00

#4 (25-32) L Chase ½ (R) with L Forward, Full Turn (L), R-L-R Side Body Sways, L Side, R Together
1&2Step LF forward (1), turn ½ R stepping RF next to LF (&), step LF forward (2) 9.00
3-4Turn ½ L stepping RF back (3), turn another ½ L stepping LF forward (4) 9.00
5-7Step RF to R side swaying body to R side (5), sway body to L side (6), sway body to R side (7) 9.00
8&Step LF to L side (8), close RF together with LF (&) 9.00

Line Dance Foundation
Revenue generated from this song and YouTube dance videos
are shared equally with the Line Dance Foundation.
Thanks to Ronnie Beard singer-songwriter for his generosity.
Thanks also to EWS Winson (Malaysia) who choreographed the dance.
Buying the song and uploading a Youtube dance video helps our dance community

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Last Update - 29 May 2020


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