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Lucky Lucky Country

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Beginner Contra / Line
Alison Johnstone (AUS) - January 2017
Lucky Lucky Country - Simply Bushed : (iTunes)
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Start: On vocals

(1-8) Chasse Right, Back Rock, Recover, Chasse Left, Back Rock
1&2Step Right to side, Close left (&), Step Right to Side (Chasse)
3, 4Rock back on Left, Recover Right
5&6,Step Left to side, Close right (&), Step Left to side (Chasse)
7, 8Rock back on Right, Recover Left

(9-16) Shuffle Fwd Right, Shuffle Fwd Left, Rocking Chair
1&2Step fwd on Right, Close Left (&), Step fwd on Right (Shuffle)
3&4Step fwd on Left, Close Right (&), Step fwd on Left (Shuffle)
(On the above 4 counts if Contra you will pass your partner Right shoulder to Right Shoulder)
5,6,7,8Rock fwd on Right, Recover Left, Rock Back Right, Recover Left (Rocking Chair

(17-24) Pivot ½ Over Left, Stomp, Stomp, Vine Right With Touch
1, 2Step fwd Right, Pivot ½ over left (6 O’clock)
3, 4Stomp on Right, Stomp on Left
5,6,7,8Step Right to side, Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to side, Touch Left

(25-32) Vine Left With Scuff, Jazz Box on Right
1,2,3,4Step Left to side, Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to side, Scuff Right fwd
5,6,7,8Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left, Step Right to side, Step Left in place (Jazz Box)


** Ending – Please note that on the last wall the music starts to fade and you will dance to count 12 (two shuffles passing each other) and instead of the rocking chair go straight into the pivot half turn and stomp. Finish facing your partner with a stomp and a smile  ***

If not dancing contra then this is a 2 wall dance  xx

I hope you enjoy this fun dance to one of my FAVY ever bands Simply Bushed!!



Sir Dancelot January 9, 2017
It's a definite Keeper !! A dance for everyone !!

Sir Dancelot January 9, 2017
It's a definite Keeper !! A dance for everyone !!

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