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Neil Scruton & David Voisin
Low Rider - War
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1Right foot kick across the front of left
2-3Right sweep around to make a full turn right pivoting on left foot
4Left touch to side
5-8Reverse of 1-4 but make a 1 ¼ turn left instead of just a full turn
9&10Right coaster step
11-12Left step forward, pivot a ½ turn right
13&14Left shuffle forward
15-16Right step back, rock weight onto left foot
&Make a full turn left pivoting on left foot
17-18Repeat beats 15-16
19Open left palm as if holding a microphone in front of you. Place right hand over the top of it as if holding the top of a football. Turn right hand to the left
20Turn right hand to the right
21Put right hand into the hole left hand is making
22Pull right hand out of hole
23-26Right kick ball side, left sailor step
27-30Right kick ball change, right sailor with a ¼ turn right
31-32Left step forward, rock weight onto right,
33Left step to side making a ½ turn left
34Right step to side making a ½ turn left
35-36Left step a big step left, right slide to it
37-38Right toe touch to side, right step together
39&40Left shuffle forward
41-42Right step forward making a 1.4 turn left, left foot step forward
43&44&Modified running man right, left
45-46Right side of right foot touch forward, sweep foot around to lock behind left
47&48Left step side, rock weight onto right, left cross over right
49-50Unwind a ½ turn right, unwind a ¼ turn left
51-52Body roll up onto left leg
53-542 right chugs making a 1 ¼ turn left
55-56Right snake roll
57-58Left step forward, pivot a ¾ turn right, (then get ready to turn left)
59&60Left side shuffle making a 1 ¼ turn left
&61Split heels, bring heels together sliding right foot forward
&62Split heels, bring heels together sliding left foot forward
63Right toe touch to side,
64Pivot a full turn left on left and touch right toe to side again



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