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Macnamara Shuffle

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Margaret Allpress & Cheryl McFadyean
Country Down to My Soul - Lee Roy Parnell
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1-4Shuffle forward twice, left-right-left & right,left.right
5-8( jumping jacks) jump both feet apart, jump right across left, unwind, clap
9-12Kick right forward, cross right over left and pivot on ball of left turning ½ left, step back on right hitching left with a small scoot forward on right
13-16Step forward left foot, stomp right foot, two heel presses
17-20Step right foot ¼ right, step left foot together, high heel splits(knees together)
21-24Step left foot ¼ left, step right foot together, high heel splits(knees together)
25-32Rolling vine right, cross left foot over right, right foot to right side, left foot beside right, stomp right foot twice beside left (while stomping, pull imaginary train whistle with right hand at head height and turn head to right)
33-36Step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right, stomp left together
37-44Zig zag back left-right-left-right
45-524 Macnamara's left-right-left-right (step slightly forward on ball of left, step quickly onto ball of right behind left, step on ball of left to left, touch right heel forward at 45 degrees -reverse steps for right)
53-56Step forward left foot, pivot ¼ turn right, step forward left foot, pivot ½ turn right
57-64Two jazz box kicks left, right (kick out to side at 45 degrees on 4th & 8th beat)



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