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intermediate/advanced two step partner dance
Josep Ponsà & Glòria Xalma
La Nina de Mallorca - Pep Sala
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Position: Two-step (face to face, she holds his left hand with her right hand. His right hand to her waist and her left hand to his shoulder)
1-4MAN: 3 Steps forward (right-left-right) turning ½ to the right, hold
 LADY: 3 Steps back (left-right-left) turning ½ to the left, hold
5&6MAN: Left shuffle forward
 LADY: Right shuffle back
7-12Repeat the first 6 steps
13-16BOTH: Complete turn to the left and hold
17&18MAN: Shuffle back (left-right-left)
 LADY: Shuffle forward (right-left-right)
19-22BOTH: Complete turn to the right and hold
23&24MAN: Shuffle cap endavant amb l'esquerra
 LADY: Shuffle cap enrera amb la dreta
25-28MAN: Right vine turning ¼ to the left
 LADY: Left step turning to the left ¼, cross right over left, step left back, right next to left
29&30MAN: Shuffle to the left (left-right-left)
 LADY: Shuffle to the right (right-left-right)
31-34MAN: Jazz box moving forward next to the her
 LADY: Turn ½ to the left in 4 counts
Her left hand holds his right hand behind him, her right hand holds his left hand in front of them
35&36BOTH: Shuffle to the left (left-right-left)
37-40MAN: Right vine
 LADY: Right vine turning 1 complete turn to the right
Stop holding hands during these 4 counts, at the end, right hands hold each other over the shoulder and left hands hold each other in front
41&42BOTH: Left shuffle forward (left-right-left)
43-46BOTH: Rock step forward with the right (2 counts), right step turning ¼ to the left (1 count) and hold
She stands in front of the man back to face
47&48BOTH: Cross left over right and left shuffle diagonally to the right (left-right-left)
49-52MAN: Turns ¾ around her to the right just to be in front of her again (face to face)
 LADY: Right jazz box turning ¼ to the left
53&54MAN: Left shuffle forward (left-right-left)
 LADY: Right shuffle back (right-left-right)



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