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Magic in My Bones

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Laura Hannele Pitkänen (FIN) & Rita Otti (FIN) - April 2022
Bones - Imagine Dragons : (Album: Mercury - Act 2)
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Made on International Dance Day 29.04.2022.
Start after 48 count intro, approx. 30 sec into the track.

[1-8]: Travelling Heel-Toes, Kick, Behind-Side-Cross, Side, Drag, Step Together
1,Touch R heel to right side slightly diagonally as you swivel your L toes to right,
2,Touch R toes to right as you swivel your L heel to right,
3,Touch R heel to right slightly diagonally as you swivel your L toes to right,
4,Kick R to right diagonal,
5 & 6,Cross R behind L, Step L to left side, Cross R over L,
7,Step L to left side body slightly angled to right diagonal and drag R towards L and push hips back,
8,Step R beside L,

[9-16]: Cross, Toe Switches, Heel Switches, ¼ Turn On Spot, Body Roll (Papa Snake)
1,Cross L over R,
2 & 3,Touch R to right side, Step R beside L, touch L to left side,
& 4 &,Step L beside R, Touch R heel forward, Step R beside L,
5 - 6,Touch L heel forward, Turn 1/4 right on spot (weight ends on both feet),
7 - 8,Make a body roll (weight ends on L), Restart here on wall 3
(Optional styling on count 8[16]: Pop R knee forward at the end of the body roll)

[17-24]: Rock-Recover, Step-Ball-Step, Cross, Hitch, Skate RL (Mama Snake)
1 - 2,Step R back, Recover weight on L,
3 & 4,Step R forward slightly over L, Step L to left side, Transfer weight to R,
5 - 6,Cross L over R, Hitch R to right diagonal,
7 - 8,Skate R diagonally forward, Skate L diagonally forward,

[25-32]: Skate RL (Baby Snakes), Pivot ½ Turn, Triple Full Turn, Out-Out, Knee Pop
1 - 2,Small skate R to right diagonal, Small skate L to left diagonal,
3 - 4,Step R forward, Turn ½ left stepping forward on L,
5 & 6,Turn ½ left stepping back on R, Turn ½ left stepping forward on L, Step R forward,
& 7 - 8,Hop L foot out, Hop R foot out, pop R knee in transferring weight to L

Start again

RESTART: on wall 3 restart dance after 16 counts (facing 9:00)

Have fun and feel it in your bones 


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