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Make a Love Song

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Siggi Güldenfuß (DE) - September 2020
Let's Make a Love Song - Casey Donahew
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Note: The dance begins when the singing starts.

S1. Section: Side, Behind, Chassè, Cross Rock, ¼ Turn Shuffle Forward
1-2RF step to the right, cross LF behind RF
3&4RF step to the right, LF next to RF and RF step to the right
5-6cross LF in front of RF, slightly raise the RF and weight back onto RF
7&8¼ turn to the left, LF step forward, RF next to LF and LF step forward (9 o'clock)

S2. Section: Step ½ Turn, Cross, Point, Cross Behind, Point, Sailor Step with ¼Turn
1-2RF step forward, ½ turn to the left (than weight on LF (3 o'clock)
3-4cross RF in front of LF, tap left toe to the left
5-6cross LF behind RF, tap right toe to the right
7&8¼ turn to the right, cross RF behind LF, LF step to the left, RF next to LF (6 o'clock)

S3. Section: Step ½ Turn, Rock Step, Shuffle Back, Rock Back
1-2LF step forward, ½ turn to the right (than weight on RF) (12 o'clock)
3-4LF step forward, slightly raise the RF and weight back onto RF
5&6LF step back, RF next to LF and LF step back
7-8RF step back, slightly raise the LF and weight back onto LF

S4. Section: Jazz Box with ¼ Turn & Cross, Side, Touch, Side, Touch
1-2cross RF in front of LF, LF step back with ¼ turn to the right (3 o'clock)
3-4RF step to the right, cross LF in front of RF
Restart: Stop here at the 5th wall and start the dance from the beginning! (3 o'clock)
5-6RF step to the right, tap LF next to RF
7-8LF step to the left, tap RF next to LF

Dance, Have Fun & Smile!


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