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Make It Hurt

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Maddison Glover (AUS) & Chris Watson (AUS) - February 2015
Don't Tell Me - Joel Crouse : (iTunes)
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Begin dance after 32 count intro.

S1: Cross, Side, Back Rock/ Replace, ¾ Turn, Shuffle Forward
1,2,3,4Cross R over L, step L to L, rock R back/ behind L, replace weight fwd onto L
5,6,7&8Turn ¼ L stepping back on R, make ½ turn L stepping L fwd, step R fwd, step L together, step R fwd [3:00]

S2: Rock/ Replace, Lock Shuffle Back, 2x Side Rock/ Replaces
1,2,3&4Rock L fwd, replace weight back on R, step L back, lock R across L, step L back
5,6&7,8Turn ¼ R stepping/rocking R to R, replace weight onto L, step R together, rock L to L, replace weight onto R [6:00]

S3: Behind, Side, Cross, Side/ Replace, Back/Replace, Step ¼
1&2,3,4Step L behind, Step R to R, Cross L over R, Rock R to R side, Replace weight onto L,
5,6,7,8Rock R back, replace weight fwd onto L, step R fwd, turn ¼ L (paddle) 3:00

S4: Turning Box Step, Kick- Ball Step, ¼ Twist, ¼ Twist
1,2,3,4Cross R over L, Turn ¼ R whilst stepping L back, Step R to R side, step L fwd
5&6,7,8Kick R fwd, step R together, step L fwd, twist ¼ R (twist heels L), twist ¼ L (twist heels R) [6:00]

S5: Heel Switches, Heel, Hitch, Heel, & Cross & Heel & Touch & Heel &
1&2&3&4Touch R heel fwd, step R together, touch L heel fwd, step L together, touch R heel fwd, slightly hitch R knee, touch R heel fwd
&5&6Step R together, cross L over R, step R to R, touch L heel to L diagonal,
&7&8& Step down onto L, touch R beside L, step R to R, touch L heel to L diagonal, step down onto L.

S6: Cross, Step, Back/Replace, ¼ turning shuffle, ½ turning shuffle
1,2,3,4Cross R over L, step L to L, rock R back, replace weight forward onto L,
5&6,7&8Turn ¼ L stepping R back, step L together, step R back, make ½ turn over L stepping L fwd, step R together, step L fwd 9:00

S7: Shuffle Right, Behind, ¼ Turn, ¼ Drag (for three counts), Together, Cross
1&2,3,4Step R to R, step L together, step R to R, step L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping fwd onto R,
5,6,7&8Turn ¼ L stepping L to L side dragging R towards L (5,6,7) step R together, cross L over R [3:00]

S8: Turn ¼ to Walk R,L,R, Side/Rock (Ball-Step), Walk L,R,L, Side/Rock (Ball-Step)
1,2,3&4Turn ¼ R stepping fwd on R, step L fwd, step R fwd, rock L to L side, replace weight onto R,
5,6,7&8Step L fwd, step R fwd, step L fwd, rock R to R side, replace weight onto L. [6:00]

Restart: During the fifth sequence (start the dance facing 12:00) dance up to count 40 and Restart facing 6:00 after the instrumental.

Note: Towards the end of the dance, there is no beat (about ten counts). Keep dancing through this section.

Finish: There is no distinct finish so dance to count 46 (1/4 turning shuffle) and turn ¼ L and side shuffle to your L.

Chris Watson: - +61404170276
Maddison Glover: - +61430346939


Wiggles February 20, 2015
Love this dance and music. Well done guys

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