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Make it Sweet

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Deanna Nemes (USA) - October 2018
Make It Sweet - Old Dominion
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Begin dance on the word “Drag”

[1-8] – Point right, together, point left, together, kick (x2), rock back recover
1-8Point right toe to right side (1) , place right food next to Left (2), point left toe to left side (3), place left foot next to right (4), kick right foot forward twice (5,6), rock right foot back (7), recover weight to left foot (8)

[9-16] – Step forward brush left (optional CLAP), step forward brush right (optional CLAP), right lock step, brush left
9-16step forward right (1), brush left foot to side left &CLAP (2), step left foot forward (3), brush right foot to side right & (CLAP) (4), step right foot forward (5), step left foot behind right(6), step right forward (7), brush left foot to left side (keep weight on right foot) (8)

[17-24] - Weave, cross, point, ¼ turn, kick
17-24Cross left foot in front of right (1), step right foot to right side (2), cross left foot behind right (3), step right foot to right side (4), cross left foot in front of right (5), point right toe to right side keeping weight on left foot (6), shift left foot to make a 1/4 turn right while slightly bending right knee (7), kick right foot forward (8)

[25-32] Back strut right, back strut left, rock back, recover, stomp, hold (CLAP)
25-32Step backward on right toe (1), drop right heel (2), step backward on left toe (3), drop left heel (4), rock back on right (5), recover weight to front left (6), stomp right foot next to left (7), hold & CLAP (8)

No Tags, No Restarts
Just smile and get your groove on!



Dancing Bear October 29, 2018
Nice 32 count dance for a more established beginner class (due to the speed of the dance), but a good music track and we will be starting a teach to the beginner class today.

Liz11766 October 29, 2018
Great dance! Can’t wait to try it!!

LD1 November 18, 2018
Fun dance!!

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