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Make Me Know It

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Tina Argyle (UK) - November 2017
Make Me Know It - Elvis Presley : (iTunes)
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There is also an AB split for this dance called: Make Me Know It Too

Count In : 8 counts from start of track – start with lyrics

R Touch Out, In ,Heel ,Hitch. R Shuffle Forward. L Touch Out, In ,Heel ,Hitch. L Shuffle Forward
1&Touch right toe to right side, touch right toe at side of left
2&Touch right heel forward, hitch right knee
3&4Step forward right, close left at side of right, step forward right
5&Touch left toe to left side, touch left toe at side of right
6&Touch left heel forward, hitch left knee
7&8Step forward left, close right at side of left, step forward left

Jazz Box ¼ Turn Cross. Side, Together. Touch Out In Out In (or R touch out then R Elvis knee pops!)
1 - 2Cross right over left, Step back left
3 -4Make ¼ right stepping right to side. Cross left over right.
5- 6Take long step right to right side. Close left at side of right taking weight.
7&Touch right toe out to right side. Touch right toe at side of left.
8&Touch right toe out to right side. Touch right toe at side of left.
Counts 7&8& can also be done by touching right toe out on count 7 followed by 3 knee pops in,out,in.

R Rumba Box. Back,Sweep Back,Sweep. Coaster Step.
1& 2Step right to right side, close left at side of right, step forward right
3&4Step left to left side, close right at side of left, step back left
5Step back right sweeping left anti-clockwise at the same time,
6Step back left sweeping right clockwise at the same time
7&8Step back right, step back left, step forward right

L Lock Step Fwd, R Lock Step Fwd. ½ Pivot Turn. Run Fwd L R L. (or triple full turn fwd)
1&2Step forward left, lock right behind left, step forward left
3&4Step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right
5 -6Step forward left, make ½ pivot turn right onto right
7&8Run forward L R L. (or triple full turn forward stepping L R L).

Thanks Daniel Berry for posting this track x

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Nidge December 2, 2017
Great little dance, Tina's dances always go down well in this area, well done.

dancer33 December 5, 2017
Tonight's teach can't wait x

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