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Make Me Shine

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Improver - WCS Style
Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge (CN) - June 2021
Wrap Me In Plastic (Marcus Layton Radio Edit) - CHROMANCE & Marcus Layton
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Into: 32 count ( Approx: 21 Sec )

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Anchor Step, Sailor Step, Samba Step
12Step right forward, step left forward
3&4Step right behind left, recover on left, step right back slightly with sweep left from front to back
5&6Cross left behind right, step right next to left, step left to side
7&8Cross right over left, rock left to side, recover on right

[9-16] Cross, Side, 1/4 L Sailor Step, Rock, Back, Touch, Flick
12Cross left over right, step right to side
3&41/4 Turn L stepping left back, step right next to left, step left forward slightly (9:00 )
56&Rock right forward, recover on left (5-6 you can rolling your body), step right back
( open your body to right & look right side)
78Touch left forward , stomp left in place & flick right back ( Restart )

[17-24] Samba Step, 1/4 L Samba Step, Fwd, Lock/Hitch ( x2), Fwd, Stomp/Sweep
1&2Cross right over left, rock left to side, recover on right
3&4Cross left over right, rock right to side, 1/4 turn L recovering on left (6:00)
5&6&Step right forward, lock left behind right & hitch right (twice )
78Step right forward, stomp left back with sweep right from front to back

[25-32] Sailor Cross, Mambo Cross, Cross, Swivel Heels-Toes-Heels, 1/4 L Hook, Fwd Shuffle
1&2Cross right behind left, step left to side, cross right over left
3&4Rock left to side, recover on right, cross left over right
5&6&Step right to side & swivel heels-toes-heels to R, 1/4 turn L hook left heel in front of right leg (3:00)
7&8Step left forward, step right next to left, step left forward

Restart 1: During Wall 3, Dance to count 16 facing 3:00
Restart 2: During Wall 7, Dance to count 16 facing 9:00

Have Fun!

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BTG May 30, 2021
I vote for five stars on 24. I especially like the one you made up, I also like this music very much. Congrats for your new dance.

Gloria Nie May 30, 2021
I am Yuanyuan's friends. I know you for a lone time. I know you are a good teacher and an excellent choreographer. I voted for five starts on 26. I enjoy your dance as always.

Janet May 31, 2021
thanks BTG for your support and like this dance!

Janet May 31, 2021
thanks Gloria for your support and engoy my dance!

Selvin June 11, 2021
Nice Song and great Choreo 5 stars

Janet June 11, 2021
Thanks Selvin for your support and great comments!

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