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Make You Feel My Love

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Rex Chuan (USA) - April 2020
"Make You Feel My Love" by Adele
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Start: after 32 counts of intro, with vocal. Tag: 0 - Restart: 0

S1: Walk, Samba, Samba, Shoulder Sway, Shoulder Sway, Sway, Together & Turn
12&3.Step LF forward(1), cross RF(2), step LF L(&), step RF R(3)
4&5.Cross LF(4), step RF R(&), step LF L(5)
6&7.Sway R with shoulder down(6), sway L with shoulder down(&), hold 7
8&.Sway R(8), sway L half turn and step LF L(&) and turn quarter L for next move (3:00)

S2: Tap Side, Flick, Shuffle, Side, Turn & Side, Cross, Rock, Recover, Walk, Together & Turn
1&2&3.Tap RF R(1), flick RF(&), step RF forward(2), lock LF in(&), step RF forward (3)
4&5.Step LF L(4), turn quarter R and step RF R(&), cross LF(5)
6&7.Rock RF R(6), recover(&), toe RF next to LF(7)
8&.Step RF forward(8), step LF together(&) and make R half turn for next move. (9:00)

S3: Walk, Back Shuffle, Back, Side, Cross, Side Toe Together, Turn & Walk
12&3.Step RF forward(1) and sweep LF forward, cross LF(2), step RF backwards(&), lock LF in(3)
4&5.Step RF backwards (4), step LF L(&), cross RF(5)
6&78.Step LF L(6), toe RF together (&), hold 7, turn quarter R and step RF forward (8) (3:00)

S4: Swing Leg, Shuffle, Lock Step, Forward, Pivot Turn, Turn & Sway, Turn & Sway, Together & Turn
1&2&.Swing LF forward (1), land LF(&), lock RF in(2), step LF forward(&)
3&4.Step RF forward (3), lock LF in(&), hold 4
567.Step RF forward (5), make L half turn and step LF forward(6), turn quarter R and sway R(7)
8&.Turn quarter L and Sway forward (8), step RF together (&) and make half turn ready for next move. (3:00)

Enjoy the dance!



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