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Amy Christian (USA) - April 2008
Make You Happy - Céline Dion : (Album: Falling Into You)
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(16 Count Intro.)

(This dance is dedicated to my husband, Ron Sohn)

Kick, Hook,Cross, Step,Out,Out, Swivel Heels,Look R, ¼ Sailor, Step, ¼ Pivot,Cross
1&2 Kick R foot diagonally fwd(1), Hook R foot across L,(for styling – lean chest slightly fwd) (&), Step R foot across L(2),
&3& Step L foot next to R, Step R foot slightly out to R side, Step foot out to L side,
4 Swivel heels out, as your head turns and look right,
5&6 L Sailor Step with a ¼ turn left, (9 o’clock)
7&8 Step fwd on R foot, ¼ Pivot left on L foot, Cross R foot over L foot, (6 o’clock),

Weave, Mambo ¼ R, Step, Drag, Step, Drag, Chase ½ Turn L
1&2& Step L to left side, Cross R behind L, Step L to left side, Step R across L,
3&4 Rock to left side on L, Recover on R with ¼ turn right, Step fwd on L, (9 o’clock),
5-6 Step fwd on R, Drag L toe towards R(5), Step fwd on L, Drag R toe toward L(6),
7&8 Step fwd on R, Pivot ½ turn left on L, Step fwd on R, (3 o’clock),

Chase ½ Turn R, Lock, Step, Shoulder Pops, Fwd Mambo, ¼ Side, Recover, Cross
1&2 Step fwd on L, pivot ½ turn right on R, Step fwd on L, (9 o’clock),
&3 Lock R behind L, Step fwd on L,
&4 Step R next to L, Look R, as you Pop R shoulder up & L shoulder down(&), Look fwd, as you Pop L shoulder up & R shoulder down(4),
5&6 Rock fwd on L, Recover back on R, Take a BIG step back on L,
7&8 ¼ Turn right on R foot to R side, Recover on L, Cross R over L, (12 o’clock)
(1 RESTART at this point, on wall 5. On count 8, Touch R foot next to L foot, instead of the Cross. So that you will be ready, to restart, on your R foot).

Side, Together, Side, Sailor ½, Touch, Unwind, Coaster Step
1&2 Step L to left side, Step R next to L, Step L to left side,
3&4 ½ Turn right, with a R Sailor Step, (6 o’clock),
5-6 Touch L behind R, Unwind ½ turn left, lean back, weight on R foot, (12 o’clock),
7&8 Left Coaster Step,

Out, Out, Stretch Arms Out, In, In, ½ Turn, Touch Out, ¾ Turn, Touch Out
&1-3 Step out on R(&), Step out on L(1), as you swing hands, palms up, in front, from center, out to the sides, in slow motion, leaning upper body slightly back, nice & smooth(&1-3),
&4 Drop your hands, Step R foot in, Step L foot in, next to R foot, Knees slightly bent,
5-6 ½ Turn right, Step R next to L(5), Touch L to L side(6),(6 o’clock),
7-8 Twisting on R, ¾ Turn left, Step L next to R(7), Touch R out to right side(8), (9 o’clock),
(2 RESTARTS at this point, on walls 2 & 6)

¼ Sailor, ½ Chase Turn, Kick, Together, Point, Together, Touch, Side, Cross.
1&2 ¼ Turn right with a R Sailor Step, (12 o’clock),
3&4 Step fwd on L foot, Pivot ½ turn right on R foot, Step fwd on L foot, (6 o’clock),
5&6 Kick R foot fwd(5), Step R next to L(&), Touch L foot to left side(6),
&7 Step L foot next to R(&), Touch R foot next to L(7)
&8 Step R to R side(&), Cross L over R, bending knees slightly(8).

The FINISH: As the music fades, you will finish the dance, facing the front wall, with the last step, (Cross L over R, with bent knees(8). Hold that pose! Or,…you can carry on and add the first 4 counts of the dance and end with the Heel Swivels, Looking Right.

There are 3 easy Restarts. You will hear it in the music. Enjoy!


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