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Intermediate Pattern Partner
Barb & Dave Monroe - November 2019
Country Music Made Me Do It by Carlton Anderson
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Alt. music:-
Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys by The Cadillac Three
Shh (Don’t Say A Thing) by Royal South

Start: Facing LOD in side by side (cape) position.
Footwork is the same except where noted

Lindy right, Lindy left,
1&2Shuffle side R, L, R
3-4Rock back L, recover R
5&6Shuffle side L, R, L
7-8Rock back R, recover L

Man: Shuffle in place, Rock, Recover, Step, Step, Shuffle forward
Lady: ½ turn shuffle, Rock, Recover, Step, Step, ½ Turn shuffle forward
1&2Man: Shuffle in place R, L, R
 Lady: Shuffle ½ turn L stepping R, L, R (Schottische move) (facing RLOD)
Arms: (1&2) R arms go over Lady’s head, L arms stay connected. Arms are now crossed, R arm on top
3-4Man: Rock back L, Recover R
 Lady: Rock back L, Recover R
5-6Man: Step in place L, R
 Lady: Step forward L, pivot ½ turn R stepping forward R (Now in reverse cape position facing LOD)
Arms: (5-6) R arm goes over Lady’s head and L arms are at Lady’s left shoulder
7&8Shuffle forward L, R, L (in reverse cape with Man on outside and Lady on inside)

Shuffle, Shuffle, Walk around full turn changing sides
1&2Shuffle forward R, L, R
3&4Shuffle forward L, R, L
5-8Turn ¼ L step R (ILOD), Turn ¼ L step L (RLOD), Turn ¼ L step R (OLOD), Turn ¼ L step L (LOD)
NOTE: Now back in cape position with Man on inside and Lady on outside

Step, Lock, Shuffle, Step, Lock, Shuffle
1-2Step forward R, Lock L behind R stepping L
3&4Shuffle forward R, L, R
5-6Step forward L, Lock R behind L stepping R
7&8Shuffle forward L, R, L

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