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Beginner / Intermediate
Nancy Morgan (USA) - August 2008
Too Close by Next (CD: Rated Next [99bpm] )
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Start: 32 Counts from when he starts singing

Or Music: One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks, 102bpm, Start: 16 Counts from when she starts singing

Or Country Song: Chance of a Lifetime by Brooks and Dunn, CD: Cowboy Town, 102bpm, Start: When they start singing

Walk, Walk, Side Rock, Behind, Side, Cross, Step, Behind, Side
1,2 Walk forward - Right, Left
3,4 Side Rock Right to Right side and return weight to Left
5&6 Step Right behind Left, step Left to Left side, cross Right over Left
7 Step Left to Left side
8& Step Right behind Left, step Left to Left side

Touch, Touch To Side, ¼ Turn Touch To R, Step ¼ Turn To R, Kick And Kick And Rodae ¼ Turn To L
1 Touch Right next to Left
2 Touch Right out to Right side
3 Touch Right out to Right side as you turn ¼ turn to Right (yes, backwards)
4 Step Right next to Left ¼ turn to Right
&5&6 With Knees locked in place – Kick Left forward, step Left next to Right, Kick Right forward, step Right next to Left
7,8 Drag Left toes in a semi circle as you turn ¼ turn to your Left, step Left next to Right

Hop Forward, Hop Back, Hop Forward, Turn Head To R And Back, Step Forward, Together, Twist R Heel Out And Back, Twist L Heel Out And Back
&1 Hop Forward – Right, Left
&2 Hop Back – Right-Left
&3 Hop Forward – Right, Left
&4 Turn Head to Right as you shrug your shoulders up, Turn head back to front as you let your shoulders drop back to normal
5,6 Walk Forward – Right, Left
&7 Lift Right heel off of floor and twist ball of Right foot so that heel moves to the Right and back
&8 Lift Left heel off of floor and twist ball of Left foot so that heel moves to the Left and back

Charleston Back, Step Forward, Shuffle Forward, ½ Turn Pivot, ¼ Turn Pivot
&1 Get on both balls of feet, twist both heels out, as you step Right foot back twist both heels in
&2 Twist both heel out, step forward on Right
3&4 Shuffle Forward – Left, Right, Left
5,6 Step forward Right, pivot ½ turn to Left
7,8 Step back on Right ½ turn to Left, step forward ½ turn to Left

Begin Again!

FOR “ONE STEP AT A TIME” ONLY: There is 2 restarts

At the 4th wall, do your FIRST 16 counts, then start again.

Count 5 MORE walls AFTER you have done the above restart, that will be your 2nd restart.

Dance 2 MORE walls and you are done!



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